14 April 2013

I am full.

I feel full right now. Full to overflowing.

This weekend was more than amazing.  And to be honest I'm still processing it all. Both in my head and in all the photos I've bombed Instagram with (sorry about that.....nah actually I'm not at all!) and all the photos I've snapped on a real camera that I'm yet to go through and edit.

So for now, here's a few quick thoughts as they tumble straight from my my mind, unedited.

New friends (my name badge swap partner Gill from Mudbird Ceramics)

The comfortableness of being with old friends (although only having meant some for the first time in real life this weekend!)

 The amazing organisation and treats

Autumn colour to die for in this city

Laughter, so much laughter

A gorgeous gift from Miriam (my main memory of her this weekend will be her managing to keep the 65 of us on task and always doing it whilst standing on a chair!)

A onesie party that turned out to be pretty small!

Extending a birthday week to celebrate with other friends

Hugs galore

Talent...so much talent

Food to feed an army

Beautiful people baring their hearts and souls

Introverts getting over themselves en masse

The feeling of being part of a community

A city shattered beyond belief

A people who love their city passionately

Hope rising from the ashes

The blessing it was to have been here

Much more coming later....

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