10 April 2013

36 candles....

It's my birthday today and hubby's too! Yes, I know it is totally weird that EVERY year I get to celebrate my birthday with my nearest and dearest. It never fails to get an exclamation of surprise when I tell people we share the same birthday.

Although he's actually my toyboy though as he is a whole year younger!

And how's this for an AWESOME and APT birthday prezzy?! My gorgeous friend at work Jade made me this cake. It's a 2-layered carrot cake inside with cream cheese in the middle, mm mmmmm it's my FAVOURITE! Isn't she talented?!I've told her if being an accountant ever gets boring, she could definitely make it as a cake decorator!

And this year, my birthday present to myself is my trip to Christchurch for the first-ever blogger conference on Friday - I'm getting so excited. A little blimin nervous too about presenting the techy issues workshop if I'm honest. But otherwise mostly excited!

Bloggers Connecting

And guess what?!

I also get to share my birthday week with two lovely ladies - Jackie from Jacksta-b and Leonie from Kiwi at Heart both of whom I'm going to be sharing an apartment with and a whole bunch of other lovely gals too! Sounds fun huh?! So far I've heard there is gonna be cake and wine and quite possibly even a onesie party - at this rate it's fair to say I'm expecting to be laughing my way through the entire weekend.

I can't wait!

p.s. And a big thank you to my hubby who is going to be holding the fort back at home so I can go and enjoy said weekend.

p.p.s. Oh and I'm looking forward to being cooked lamb rack for a special at-home birthday dinner tonight - I'm on wine and dessert duty - which are chilling as we speak!

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