07 April 2014

13/52 and 14/52

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Last week I missed out on posting a portrait of the boys with all the fun and busyness of daily giveaways, so this week I'm making up for it!

Mylo: you're still cracking Mama up week after week. This week's gems: We saw some flies who were sitting on the table stacked on top of each other. Now my readers and I know what they were up to but your  innocent suggestion was: 'I think they might be glue gunned together'. 

Another night in the bath when I was giving you a back scratch, you got those tell-tale little bumps up and down your arm that we all do when we get the shivers, and without even meaning to you gave them a brand new name - 'Hey mum look I got camel lumps', ah I think you mean goose bumps son.

Happy with your handbag handiwork from daycare

Revelling in the Indian summer weather at football 
And yes that is a lady's butt nicely placed between our faces!

And in other four and a half year old logic - Mylo simply cannot understand why we talk about alarms going off. He says it makes NO sense whatsoever and that actually they are going on because they're making a noise. I have to admit he's got a pretty good point there!

Noah: you are completely fascinated with all things Bear Grylls right now. You are working your way swiftly through every Man vs Wild episode ever made and revelling in the gross things that Bear Grylls eats and the crazy things he does to stay alive.

We've gotten the bug bad. So much so that you've even got a Man vs Wild Mission Survival chapter book out of the library and you're giving it a good go - big words and all. You love that the main character is a boy called Beck - because that's one of your best friends name in real life!

Loving how cool you look in the new cap you snatched right off Dad's head the minute he walked in the door - but please don't grow up too fast! 

Loving that the lil guy asked the big guy to read to him in bed one night and that the big guy
happily obliged!

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