10 April 2014

Random statistics {and Happy Birthday Us!)

Being a beanie I get quite a buzz out of random and cool statistics and facts. I've always had a nearly photographic memory when it comes to phone numbers and birthdays - although in recent years I've had to commit birthdays to the likes of Google calendar so as not to get overwhelmed with the sheer volume of days to remember. Anyway I digress, here are the random statistics that I have discovered in our family:
  • There are four letters in Mark, Noah and Mylo. There are six letters in Meghan and Murphy.
  • Everyone in our family (apart from poor Noah) has the initials MM. 
  • The first sound in Mylo's name (My) and the second sound in Noah's name (ah) make their new wee cousins name: Maia.
  • One of our boy's birthdate's is 20/09/2009 - which sounds cool when you say it - twenty oh nine twenty oh nine
  • The other's birthdate is 02/08/06 - but look closer do you see how 02 + 06 also = 08
  • Mark and I are born on the 10th of the month, so our family's birthday days of the month are 10, 02, 20. Which can also be written as 10 x 2 = 20.
  • Mark and his brother are born 3 years 7 weeks apart. My two brothers are born 3 years and 7 weeks apart. Our two boys are born (you guessed it) 3 years and 7 weeks apart. 
  • Even though the boys were born on different years, their birthdays are always the same day of the week each year - this year it's Saturday - nice and easy for party planning.
  • We got married on the 21st February which also happens to be Mark's brother's birthday and his best man's birthday.
  • And last but not least: Mark and my birthday's are the same day - yup the very same day, although different years (yep he's my toyboy by one year!). I also have a first cousin born the same day, and Mark has a second cousin born that day. 
  • The day we were born was also the same day the Wahine ferry sunk in Wellington harbour - although this was nearly ten years before our time.
  • And that day is..........................10th April - and wouldn't you know that's today, so Happy Birthday us!
Source: Random Picker

I am no Rain Man, in case you were wondering, I just love random interesting facts. Do you have any weird and wonderful statistics in your family?!

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