09 April 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday....what's your style?

A few months back I sent Kelly over at Kiwi Womens Style responses to a Wardrobe Wednesday interview she was planning to run on her blog. The interview never quite made it to air and Kelly is taking a break from blogging at the moment, so rather than it just gathering dust, I figured I'd share it here instead...........

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a full-time working mama to two boys (7 and 4) working two longer days and three shorter days so that I still get to enjoy some precious time with my wee guys after school.  I also love to bake (gluten-free / dairy-free treats), I craft when the mood takes me (or when I see something on Pinterest I love) and am very passionate about travel. Towards the end of last year, we went on a month-long trip to the UK which was an amazing experience that had been 5 years in the making – during which time I had plenty of opportunities to check out the latest styles over there.  And with the NZ dollar so strong against the UK pound, everything seemed very affordable!

How would you describe your style?  Does this change with the seasons?

Being a working mama means I really need 2 wardrobes – work wear AND weekend wear although I do like to try and merge the two when I can! Living in the windy Capital means wearing a floaty dress  is often a challenge and I have been known to look out the window or check the weather forecast before finally settling on an outfit for the day.  I don’t so much change with the seasons,  but I do go through phases where  I love certain colours, a few years back half my wardrobe was baby pink, then I went mad on brown and the current favourite is minty green.

What tips and tricks to you employee to suit your shape/size/lifestyle that we may be able to copy?  E.g. showing wrists to make your arms look longer, etc.

One of my tricks is layering! I’m a cold bunny and in winter I feel like I need to wear  4-5 layers to be properly  warm, so I like to wear 1-2 singlets (cotton/merino), then a long-sleeve plain black or white top under whatever outfit I go with, then I usually top it off with a black merino cardy. That way I can still turn a summer dress into a winter outfit, and then ditch the under layers again come summer so my wardrobe stays functional all year round.

Another tip would be when you’re in the changing room trying on something new, if you immediately love it – then buy it! If you stand there umming and ahhing you should walk away and take some time to think over exactly the reasons  why you should/shouldn’t get it rather than buying and regretting later. When I’m trying something on, I always try and mentally picture what other items from my wardrobe it will go with (particularly when trying on trousers/skirts etc) to make sure that it’s not going to be a one-hit wonder or that I’ll then have to buy something else to go with it!

How do you learn or discover new things about style, fashion and trends?   Favourite websites, stores, magazines or other sources.

I’m not much of a fashionista and I don’t read any fashion mags or follow any websites, so about the only way I keep up with trends is by wandering in shops to see what the new season trends are.  I recently discovered how much I love Superdry (a UK brand) for fun, casual wear and so had to have a bit of a splurge while visiting their outlet store in Bath.

If the readers could buy just one item to enhance, modernise or update their wardrobe right now – what would you recommend?

Find an outfit in your wardrobe that you love or have loved in the past (but might be a bit sick of wearing it) and then go on a bargain hunt for some new accessories to go with it – whether that’s a colour co-ordinated scarf, some funky matching jewellery or a jacket. You’ll be surprised just buy adding in one new element how much it feels like you’re wearing a whole new outfit all over again.

So do you invest any of these tips and tricks when finding items to complement your wardrobe? Do you have a particular style or do you just buy what you love regardless of what style it is?! Do share!

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