23 April 2014

15/52 and 16/52

Project 52: a portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014.

Noah: I love your sense of adventure and your willingness to give things a go even when they are might seem a bit scary beforehand. Despite your nerves, you rode up the gondola in total awe of the views. You didn't hesitate to grab a helmet and jump on the even scarier chairlift and tackle your first ever luge experience.

You are our questioner. Every day a million different kind of questions. What's your favourite animal Mum? Who's your favourite Pirates of the Caribbean character? Would you eat a weta Mum like Bear Grylls? I love how interested you are in the world around you even if  on the odd occasion I might half secretly wish for a moment's respite from the mental gymnastics you constantly engage me in.

Mylo: the boy who knows his own mind. You whom we could not convince to get on that open-air chairlift for love nor money which meant you nearly missed the opportunity to ride on the luge altogether. Who emphatically now explains this as 'because I don't like heights Mum'. We didn't have any issues getting you behind the wheel of a 90 km/hr jet boat just a few hours later though!

You are the very same kid who rocked up to a game of Quiddler we were all in the middle of playing and sat down at the table picking up Daddy's cards that were laid down on the table saying 'well well what do we have here?'

The things you come out with kiddo, you really are the funny bone in our family.

And I loved the opportunity to photograph you both in one of the most scenic places in the world. It made for an amazing backdrop to bring the beauty I see in you to light for others to see also.

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