28 April 2014


A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014

Mylo: this time a week ago you couldn't ride a bike and now you can. And that's just how you roll my friend.

It took a significant amount of persuasion those first ten or so minutes down at the local school that you could indeed do this. We thought we were going to have World War III on our hands. But we very quickly progressed from holding your back and handlebars, to just holding your back, to just starting you off to not being needed at all. And you zoomed around the school tennis court faster and faster with each and every lap. Every time we thought you would stop, you would say 'I can do more' and off you would go.

We built on that confidence by taking you down to Karori Park the same afternoon where you biked 2.5 laps (which is 2.5km!).

And only 5 days later, here you are zooming up and down the coastal walkway in New Plymouth where even biking a zig zag course between the big wooden block seats has become child's play to you.

On the way home from Taranaki, you cracked us all up in the car when you quite accidentally said 'corn turner' instead of 'turn corner'.  You never fail to bring us a smile my boy.

Noah: you amaze us with your stamina. It's very rare, if not impossible to wear you out. You are always willing to go one more lap, one more mile, have one more turn, or go for one more minute. Even a 6km walk around a lake on what was a medium/hard graded track was no problem and there were absolutely no complaints from you. You were too busy enjoying the moment to even think about being tired.

On your ride down the coastal walkway, your eagle eyes spotted a whole bunch of crabs a long way down on the rocks. They were very hard to spot, camouflaged as they were so it was a great find and you were so excited to be able to show them to me. You quite fancy yourself as a mini Bear Grylls these days, but I'm still not sure you'd be that quick to pick these guys up, they were rather large as crabs go!

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