16 November 2009

8 weeks

This has been a busy weekend of blogging with lots of action to report on (4 posts including this one if you read futher below).

However, having taken some rather sweet photos of Mylo yesterday, it seemed timely just to provide a little update on how our baby boy is progressing.

My Pics of the Week:

Highlights from this week include:

Much better day sleep - including a 2.5 hour mid-day nap Friday and a 3 hour nap mid-day Sunday - it would seem letting him get to sleep on his own has paid off with him now settling himself reasonably easily for most naps....having a little time to myself during the day has had a wonderfully positive effect on my sanity and mental health I must say!

Lots of smiling and gooing (as evidenced from the photos). He smiles so readily with a cute little dimple on one side that it just melts your heart, and it is all I can do not to keep trying to get him to smile all the time!

Earlier bedtime of around 7.30-8pm means Mark and I have reclaimed a little of our evenings!

One 10 hour night sleep this week - and most nights his first sleep is stretching out to 6-7 hours, usually waking between 1.30-3.30am now for a feed, which helps me get a little more shuteye!

Being a super chilled and relaxed baby most of the time - he hardly cries now compared to what he was like at around 4 weeks, it seems he only cries when he settles for sleep, wakes for food or occasionally when getting dressed after bathime

Mummy (and Daddy) are even more in love with this gorgeous little morsel as he grows day by day!

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Sarah Gauntlett said...

You have just described my baby! except for that magical 10 hour sleep, and that zoe has only done 6-7 hours twice (and not in a row!) but wow! You mentioned letting him get to sleep on his own has paid off? what have you been doing? is there a post about it? Just that I have been getting my zoe to settle herself to sleep, a bit of crying here and there and she now seems to think her cot really isn't that bad and has been an angel for the last couple of days. Could it be that she's finally realising sleep/cot isn't that bad? Love our blog!


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