23 November 2009

Our Little Dribbler

We've just enjoyed what was a very quiet weekend by our usual standards! Friends to dinner Friday night, a quiet day on Saturday, followed by Sunday morning football for Noah/Mark and a family outing to Ellie's 4th birthday party in Tawa yesterday afternoon.

As a result, we didn't take any photos at all (very remiss!), so instead I thought I'd do a little blog about Noah's football.

He's been along 3 times now (and scored a goal the past two times), the photos were kindly taken by Jackie last weekend when she went along to support Noah as Mark has to run around the field with the other parents so can't really take photos at the same time.

I wouldn't necessarily say that Noah is raving about playing so far, but he does enjoy hanging out with his friends from daycare who are in the same team. Sometimes the kids get a little distracted and they can just as easily be found playing off the pitch as on, much to the amusement or frustration of some of the parents (depending on how serious the parents are!) However, that is the beauty of Little Dribblers, as it doesn't really matter, at this age it's all about getting the kids used to the idea of playing in a team, kicking a ball around and generally letting off some steam!

This week, Mylo and I are flying up to see Nana and Poppa in Hamilton for 3 days via a very cheap Jetstar flight booked back in June in anticipation of Mylo's arrival. I recall at the time having to book the infant as 'TBA' with a birthdate in June as it wouldn't let me future date his birthdate which I found a little odd!

I'm in the process of packing my bag which is 70% for Mylo and only 30% for me, the joys of all the paraphernalia you need for one so young! Thankfully I think we may have sorted out the last minute hitch around our infant car seat fitting in Dad's car (it won't and don't get me started on our experience with car seats generally as I could rave on about how annoying and difficult we have found it getting various child seats to fit in our various cars over the years!), so now Dad has had to hire one short-term from Baby-on-the-Move.

Just as a little aside (yes I am going to start raving now!), the infant seat we are currently using will only fit in the front seat of our red car due to a short back seatbelt and also doesn't fit Dad's car for the same reason hence the rental required! Having been given a bit of a lecture from Plunket about the front seat not being ideal from a safety perspective, I obligingly went off to the car seat rental scheme Friday afternoon to pick up another one designed to definitely fit in the back. Well after many attempts by both me and Mark (and a lot of muttering later!), it would appear this supposedly 'better' seat also won't fit securely in the back of our car due to our seats being quite bucket-shaped - this being the main reason we have always had trouble with child seats fitting properly. So this morning I was back on the phone to reserve a car seat with a base (there were none available last week) which should come available in the next few days ... sigh......At least I know the seat with base option will definitely work as it is what we used with Noah. We had been trying to avoid getting a second seat as the one we're using (borrowed from friends) transports quite easily between the two cars and fits perfectly in the back of the blue car. But oh the best laid plans...! Having said that, safety-wise we should be able to rest much easier with Mylo in the back of the red car, but talk about a palaver!

Three nights away from Noah is the longest I will have been away from him, but with the possibility of Skyping, a sleepover at George's planned one night and the promise of a wee present on my return if he's good for Daddy, he seems to have accepted that I'm going off to Nana & Poppa's without him. The other saving grace is that our trip up at Christmas is only 4 weeks away now so it won't be too long before he will get to see them again anyway!

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Tracey said...

love the new look of the blog - I consider reading what your up to a highlight of my week! your all looking fantastic ... miss you loads xox


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