25 October 2010

The Alphabet Weekend

A is for an all-round awesome long weekend.

B is for Banoffi Pie - finally made it.Yummo! Paisley Jade's recipe is so easy to follow. Although we didn't have a round flan dish deep enough so had to make it in a square dish. That meant we ended up using  a whole cup of cream instead of just 1/4. Pure naughtiness. Can I just say I'm in HEAVEN!

C is for cherry blossoms. So soft and delicate. I  wish I could jump in a pile of blossoms so deep that I could lie there and make cherry blossom angels ;-)

D is for dinosaur movies - we never get tired of watching The Land Before Time. Such wholesome story lines and cute characters.

E is for enjoying friends. Two nights in a row this weekend we headed out for dinner with friends and didn't have to cook. Rather nice for hubby for a change!

F is for flying fox. Even I had a go on it today.

G is for gardening. Lettuces, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, peas and strawberries all planted...check!

H is for helpful Harries. In the kitchen or garden, they're never too far away.

I is for index finger. It's always there or there abouts on this kid!

J is for an early morning jaunt to the duckpond. The gardens are just glorious right now.

K is for kotuku. My favourite bird at the zoo.

L is for lightsaber. Let's just say that equalled one happy bunny.

M is for mint cookies and cream icecream. In a cone. To die for. This lot look pretty satisfied too.

N is for 'nice one Noah'. Not only do you look the biz in your football gear, you took to the field and played like a real footballer. We are very proud!

P is for pizza bread. Left over french sticks, ham, and pineapple under the grill for lunch today.

Q is for quite unusual cloud formations in the sky tonight.

R is for rhododendron. So varied in colour, so in bloom right now. Loving it.

S is for my sous chef. Noah loved helping press the biscuit base, spread the caramel and banana and whipped cream on the various layers of the banoffi pie we made today. Of course he managed to find a way to sample each ingredient as we went.

T is for tepees. If you're wondering about all the extra stakes in the garden, we have a cat who is addicted to digging in ANY fresh dirt he can find. And when we've lovingly spent hours planting out the garden, we're not about to let him get the better of us. You might be crafty Murphy, but hopefully we're craftier!

U is for unexpected peek-a-boo. Now you see him, now you don't!

V is for very unglamorous. Me in garden gear that is. Threadbare trackies and an old work fleece. Well let's face it, it's all about the loving way you hold the plants when you plant them in the ground. I hope they're not going to sabotage their growing just because I'm not planting them in my Sunday best!

W is for wee adventures in the park. Just the boys and me, while Markie helped a friend clear their jungle of a backyard for the afternoon.

X is for extraordinarily ordinary weather. It was rather disappointing in Wellington this weekend to put it mildly. Definitely not the glorious sunshine the Metservice predicted that seemed to be shining everywhere else in the country but here. At least it didn't rain and we got to do everything we wanted even if it was cloudy or windy or both at the same time.

Y is for a young boy who rode all the way to the botanical gardens and home again today. It's quite a long way for a little dude who showed great stamina and only a little complaining towards the end. It was nothing that a bribe of chocolate milk and a biscuit couldn't fix though.

Z is for the zoo. A lovely hour spent this afternoon catching up with the happenings of our favourite animals. Ewoks included ;-)

And if it sounds like we spent most of the weekend eating, you'd probably be right! But it was
all so darn good!


Paula said...

A picture of Banoffi pie appears twice - perhaps a measure of it's yummy popularity this weekend :-)

PaisleyJade said...

Haha - loving your alphabet! So glad you liked that recipe... now you've made me want to go and make one!!

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

wow, you are always sooooo creative with your posts!!!

Widge said...

wow!! I'm impressed you got through the whole alphabet! awesome post idea


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