11 October 2010

Gee Gee - How Great You Are!

I'm especially fortunate to have a wonderful grandmother who is now a great-grandmother to my 2 boys. Early on, we decided that Great-Granma would be a bit of a mouthful for the boys, and so the name 'Gee-Gee' was created. And it stuck.

This year, Gee Gee has flown down to visit us, not once, not twice but three times, when I've managed to find Grabaseat flights. This is even more of an achievement when you learn that Gee Gee will be turning 85 next month. Most years we'd have also made the drive up to the Naki to see her 2-3 weekends during the year, but with the addition of lil Mylo into the equation, the prospect of a 6-hour journey each way just for the weekend has been far from appealing. Add to that, not having any annual leave to turn a visit into a longer weekend, and well to be fair, we've just plain piked out! Slaps hand. But we hope to remedy that next year.

So, this is me waxing lyrical about how amazing is it to have a Granma who I've always been very close to, and who is besotted with her only two great-grandchildren.

Growing up, I looked forward to every school holiday which would see us making the road trip from Auckland to the Naki. Even though it was sitting in the back of an 800cc Suzuki van with my 2 younger brothers. Even though, invariably one or other of us would get so sick on the fumes and windy roads that we'd have to have a vomit stop. That was until they invented sea-legs tablets and Mum would serve these up to us for breakfast before we headed out. After that, not feeling sick and trying to hold in those nauseous feelings almost took some of the fun out of the journey in a strange way. I even remember a few night trips leaving Auckland after Dad finished work and us falling asleep in the car on the way there. With the portacot set up in the back of the van for my littlest brother to sleep, no safety belt or anything - gasp, no way could you do that now!

The best holiday was always the Christmas holiday where we would stay much longer, and then each year one of us kids took a turn to stay on an extra week by ourselves with Granma & Grandad. Oh happy days. A week of being spoilt rotten, treated to special one-on-one time which usually included a trip to the toy shop, a fast food outlet, plenty of card games, piano playing, staying up late watching TV and all the other wonderful treats that a grandparent's perogative allows!

I was able to give back a little when I looked after my grandma for a few days after one of her hip replacements. And when we took some weekend trips to check in on my granddad when my Mum & Granma went to England together. But that pales in comparison to the never-ending ocean of love my grandparents showered on me.

There is the possibility of a very special bond between every oldest grandchild and their grandparent. I say possibility, because like all relationships it has to be tended, cultivated, and given the right combination of love and time to grow into a one-of-a-kind, magical connection.

Every moment we have now with Gee Gee is so precious. Not that any time with our family is taken for granted because the moments we share where we're even in the same city or country are so few and far between. But with Gee Gee we drink in the moments with even bigger gulps and deeper breaths. Holding on to each one with a tighter grasp. Never wanting the moment to end.

From Gee Gee's trip to see us in Feb....


jacksta said...

what a sweet post. I love the name gee-gee and What cool memories and a special Grandma bond you have. Very cool.

Catching the Magic said...

She looks adorable and many years younger than 85! How very wonderful for you all to have such a special relationship and the photographs are magic.


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