03 October 2010

Welly turns on the charm...and so does hubby!

After a day of torrential rain on Thursday, with houses slipping from their foundations, train crashes, and gridlocked traffic come home time, it was a big surprise to wake to cerulean blue skies Friday.

This arrived on my desk at work barely after I did. Unassuming from its cover.

But inside full of memories. Forgotten memories. Of who we once were. Long-lost but since lived out memories.

Written by a boy, who was a little loco on love 12 years ago. It arrived in my Christmas care package, containing memories of our short and sweet, and barely 2 weeks together before he was yanked back to the other side of the planet.  Inside were jokes. Silly sayings. Poetry from the heart. Promises for the future.

He had accidentally rediscovered it this week, and had laughed, cried and cringed his way through re-reading it. And so sent it to me for an unexpected trip down memory lane.

I called that boy and arranged to creep out of the office for a quick coffee with on the waterfront. Was surprised when he arrived with sunflowers in hand.

We talked about 'the book'.

About how uncanny it was that so many of the hopes and dreams we don't really even remember having back then have since come true.
We have stood on the top of Mount Taranaki...together.
May 2005.

A picture of Mark snowboarding in France and telling
me 'I can't wait till we go'. We did. Switzerland 2001.

A request to travel the world with me.
And we have had just a few adventures.
In France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Greece,
South Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, The Maldives,
and even here discovering NZ.

Although we didn't get married here,
we visited The Church of the Good Shepherd
only four months after this was written. April 1999
Mark hadn't even booked his surprise ticket back
to NZ when he wrote this!

Names we liked in 1998.
And clearly still agreed on in 2006!

Two worlds collided. Friends becoming lovers. Lovers becoming soulmates. Soulmates becoming lifemates.

It was written.

And so it came to pass.


Leonie said...

Oh wow! that is totally cool! Your man rocks. What a total romantic. what a great gift to have to keep and treasure.

Catching the Magic said...

Awwwww, you two are soooo cute! This post brought such a huge smile to my face, how magic. Also reminded me of the love letters Dan and I used to write over the long summer breaks from Uni and when he came out here for the first time - 6 months before I could join him. Ah, memories are so precious and having such a strong foundation in a relationship makes the road ahead so much easier to travel. Gorgeous!!!!

jacksta said...

aww that is so romantic!

Jackie said...

Awwww Meghan & Mark! That is so cute. You guys are adorable.


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