06 October 2010

Wordless & Wardrobe Wednesday: A Double Whammy

I always find myself in a quandry come Wednesdays. Should I go with Wordless or Wardrobe Wednesday? Usually Wordless wins hands down because I look at what I had on, and my thoughts are along the lines of 'uh-uh, that's definitely not the coolest outfit in the wardrobe' given it's usually me being functional for work, and 'do I really want this plastered across cyberspace for all to see?'.

But today I thought I better just get on and bite the proverbial bullet! Plus I was more inspired to participate after reading Sarah of Catching the Magic's post today. She had been thrilled at being able to get her floaty skirts out of the wardrobe with the lovely weather we've recently been having. But I had to laugh as I was battling to read the post with one hand using my iPhone Google Reader application this morning. This whilst walking down the road and trying to stop the world from getting more than they bargained for with my floaty skirt on today with the other hand (translation: it was pretty windy in Welly today!)

So here's my Wardrobe Wednesday contribution:
Skirt: Temt (from a trip to Sydney back in 2006)
White top under: Primark (England - sent by my lovely mum-in-law)
Pink polka-dot top: Marks & Spencers (England - also sent by lovely mum-in-law)
Boots: Rubi (Queensgate Mall)

Now onto Wordless Wednesday - this week's theme is Deja Vu.

Some days when I look at my littlest boy I feel like I've been here before. Don't ya think?

Different shaped face but otherwise peas in a pod!


Dee said...

ooooh...i **LOVE** that cardi!! way.too.cute :)

Sarah (Catching the Magic)) said...

You look gorgeous! Loving those boots and the whole combo. It sure was windy today. I have a picture of you in my mind walking down the street trying to manage your skirt with one hand and handle your phone with the other :) x

Rhiannon said...

That cardi is so, so awesome. Very sweet outfit!

clare said...

Hey thanks for joining in! I looove your cardi!!! Gorgeous


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