28 March 2011

Afternoon Delight

One weekend. Two playdates. One football match. Three goals. One overtired boy. Decidedly peaky when we picked him up from his playdate. Threw up late Sunday afternoon. Early to bed.

One tired mumma coming down off the high of the Welly Walk. Fighting off a nasty cold all week. Managed to keep it together on Walk Day. But collapsed in a heap on the couch afterwards. Barely moved for the rest of the weekend. Decidedly lethargic and completely spent.

I've never been a sleep in the day kinda girl. Not even with new babies could I really lay my head to rest. Not really. And the little guy hasn't slept in the day for the better part a year. But still a mid-afternoon nap on a warm afternoon beckoned us both today.

The stars weren't really aligned. I felt as if (for once) I could have dozed into oblivion as soon as my head hit the pillow. He, on the other hand, wriggled and giggled and squirmed and sighed for at least half an hour. And then when I had very nearly given up all hope, George monkey was re-located (he'd earlier been thrown out of the bed), the breathing deepened, and suddenly all was still. In fact, the galaxy itself went quiet.

There were three in the bed. Me, him and the cat.

Except, of course, I was now wide awake. But still in love and awe of this rare opportunity to watch this delightful creature who once was but a twinkle in my eye sleeping so peacefully.

I couldn't help a few sneaky shots.

Half an hour later, I felt a little pair of eyes staring dreamily at me. 'Why hi', says I. 'Wasn't that delicious?' To which he agreed. And we both agreed to do it again sometime.

And good to see the (as yet unpainted) rocking horse getting a wee workout this afternoon too.

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