03 March 2011

Gathering Speed

You know, I'm sure if I'd thought about it in my usual detailed, organized, somewhat anal retentive way, I probably never would have done this.

Set up a walk that anyone in Wellington can join.

It's now a public event on Facebook.

It's also being advertised as a Christchurch fundraising event on the NZ herald website. And at Wotzon.com and wellingtonnz.com, here.

We have over 40 walkers and the list is growing. $860 raised. I'm sure more will come.

I had a panic attack over the weekend as the list of walkers grew. What if the numbers meant a logistical nightmare? What if the council didn't allow us to do it?

A lovely man at the Wellington Waterfront office allayed my fears. All good, he said. Even if the numbers are in the hundreds I asked? No worries, he replied. I could have kissed him through the phone. Just make sure people will be safe crossing roads he said. So I will be changing the route to be 'out and back' along the waterfront where the footpath is wider AND we don't cross any real roads.

I'm brainstorming ways to keep the logistics simple. Especially if the numbers go viral. All suggestions gratefully accepted and considered!

So far I've thought about:
Walkers wearing red and black
A few walkers to act as marshals across the 2 places we intercept traffic (Chaffers Marina and Freyberg Pool)
Carrying collection buckets on the walk

But I also need to keep perspective, remembering:
This is not Round the Bays. It's just lil ol me organizing it.
People are walking this walk out of the goodness of their hearts. Because they want to help Christchurch, not because they need to get anything back from it (like a goody bag of refreshments).

Don't forget if you're in Auckland, you can join in with Gail's walk instead.
And if you're a creative type, contact Leonie to make some softies for the children of Christchurch.

Last but not least, thank you all for the amazing support to date!

Every little helps.......


Gail said...

Good on you Meghan! I'm thinking red and black too. You have a HUGE list of walkers there - ours has been slow and steady. I can't wait to see your pics :)

Jules said...

Looks like it's been a great success so far! Just donated and have emailed the fundraiser page to my friend in Welly.



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