23 March 2011

Mini Makeover

What's a girl to do when you are totally lacking in inspiration and can't be bothered writing a post?
Answer: Tu-tu with fonts, pages, buttons and the like.

Hopefully, you might actually be able notice a few small changes around the place
  • A stylish new font
  • Some new family photos and updates on The Whanau page
  • A collection of my favourite posts of the past year on the Blogging page
  • Some new links to our recent Christmas and Beach holidays on the Adventuring page
  • More links to recent yummy recipes on the Cooking page
  • Updated links to photobooks, word art photos and photo boards on the Creating page
  • There's even an MNM's button on the sidebar to grab for your own page

Take a look around and see if you likey.

A little bit of change now and then is good, right?!


Leonie said...

it looks great!! Esp loving your button... I need to start grabbing other peoples buttons and putting them on my blog so will start with yours...and one day - I will make one too :)

Penny said...

looks good, its funny how much fun playing around with this stuff can be.....

Sammy said...

I likey!! A lot!

Simoney said...

Awesome Meghan! Looks great. I Likey.
You know I love a good makeover!


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