16 March 2011

What is 3 Score & 10 x 2 equal to?

Two very special people's 70th birthday celebrations that's what!

In just a few days Grandma & Grandad will be winging their way home to England. It hardly seems possible they have been here for six weeks already. They will both be turning 70 in April about three weeks apart, so thought a wee NZ celebration would be a nice way to kick off it all.

We baked the most amazing chocolate cake.

Not really. The Chocolate Cake Company has to get the credit for this one.

Gave hand made cards.

Had plenty of willing helpers to blow out the candle.


And again.

And again.

Gifted some gourmet chocs from our favourite chocolatier Bohemein.

Took Grandma and Grandad out for brunch trying out a new cafe (Greta Point).

Great quick service and yummy, fresh food.

To finish, we stood together breathing in the brisk, salty Wellington sea air.

And for just a moment time stood still.

We so wish we could be with you for the actual day and we hope that your English celebrations go well dear parents.

What a great milestone for you both!

Tons of love

Us Four MNM's xxxxxxxxxxxx


Dee said...

would you stop with all those pictures of that delicious food??? i drooled heavily all over the keyboard on my already touch-n-go laptop ...thanks!!


but seriously, i love how you respect your in-laws. it's so refreshing - especially when they've been with you for 6 weeks! LOVE it. x

Anonymous said...

mmmthat food DOES look delicious!
and the salty ocean air with sun ahhhhhh
that looks like heaven!
winter is draggin on here and I long for the summer sun....any sun for that matter!
lovely post Meghan

love and light

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Oh what a lovely day!!! Oh and the chocolates. What fun to spoil people you love. Beautiful xx

jacksta said...

What a great birthday. Love that cake...and chocolates.

About Last Weekend said...

Great photos and the chocolate cake looks amazing. What a great visit they had!


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