26 March 2011

Walking the Walk

We came.

We walked.

And walked. About 10.67km in the end. Some of us keen beans even ran, aye Sarah Lee...good on ya girl! You can check out more great photos and Sarah's story of the day over at Catching the Magic.

Pics Sarah text me as she fairly flew around the walk!

We made some new friends. And put our feet and money where our mouths were.

And you see this number? 0.0000001

That's the percentage of money we've raised towards the total cost of rebuilding Christchurch. That's $2,000 towards a cost of about $20bn.

It doesn't seem like much when you see all those zeros does it? But what makes that number super duper cool, is that 1 at the very end. You know why? Because it's more than zero. It means we DID something. That's the number to focus on. It means we've helped. Our little contribution will be part of the sum that will help get Christchurch back on its feet. We did our bit. Our little HAS helped.

I now can't wait to see how our sister walk in Auckland goes next weekend. They're already at $2,400 with a week to go. Go Gail and team!

Thank you so much to all our Welly walkers:

Me, Jackie Field, Heidi Inkster, Helen Cordalis, Naomi Shephard, Phil Cody, Sarah Lee, Katey Salmond, Grace Wang, Marama Ellis, Bex and Nate Clement, Sophie Dunn, Bronwyn Hume, Roxanne Roxburgh, Jess Caldwell, Julia Barnett plus 5 friends, Alison Bowie, Tracy Dyson, Greg & Paula Pollock, Ben Stasiewicz, Nicola Wright, Steve & Kieran Gregan, Peggy Economou, Nectaria Tsourounakis, Melissa & Eddie Smart.

And thank you to all the very generous sponsors who have opened up their hearts and wallets for Christchurch too.

And if you'll excuse me I think I might go soak my feet in a tub of hot water and eat some chocolate ;-)

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