31 March 2011

The City I Love

When I open my curtains to the sight of heaven

And we can be frolicking in the sea in ten minutes

When I am surrounded by the most uniquely NZ bush just a stone's throw from my home

And I can climb to great heights and admire her from on high

When great coffee flows through this city like blood through my veins

And fantastic food is our most basic expectation

When culture is available from the very young to the old, and your inner pirate can easily be found and explored if that's your thing

How could you not be wooed? And won over by this place.

Sure there's the odd lover's tiff - in the form of a nasty southerly storm that rages and attacks the city with its biting words wind for days before eventually losing its power and blowing itself out.

And all is forgiven again when the sun begins to shine again, as it always does.

This is not my original home town. I'm a wandering spirit who has called 'home' many places, some as far from here as a place could be.

And yet...

It is home.

Home is where the heart is. And as long as my family choose to live and love in this place, so will I.

I ♥ you Wellington

Linking up with Sarah's Lyrical Sunday over at Catching the Magic entitled My Home Town


Leonie said...

thats so cool Meghan!! What an abundance of natures wonderland you have so close to you. gorgeous photos.

jacksta said...

lovely ♥.
I really need to come and visit Welly again sometime. The last time I came was for a 7th form history trip. Loved visiting parliament, the back benches pub and Te Papa of course.
One day...*dreams*

Sammy said...

So nice to hear how positive you are about your city!
I truly ♥ Auckland too. I feel so blessed to live here.

Sarah (Catching the Magic) said...

Fabulous Meghan and love the photographs too.

I've gone through periods of time when I've thought of leaving Welly - but it's not really Welly I've needed to escape from - but myself!

I reckon happiness can be found in many physical places - so long as the spirit within is content.

Thank you so much for joining in. You have so many talents and your skill at combining words with moving images is superb.


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