07 March 2011

Taking it easy

There are weekends where the sun is shining, the sky couldn't be bluer and all is well with the world. On these weekends, it is hard to ignore the pull of the outdoors. Wide, open spaces call to us. Oh how I love these weekends.

I'm not sure I can say the same about weekends where the wind howls, the rain drives horizontally, and we ruefully remember why Wellington gets such a bad rep over its weather.

But those weekends if I'm honest, they have their place in our life too. They are the perfect weekend to go and visit friends for morning tea and indulge in freshly made scones with cream and jam.

These weekends are perfect weekends to leave a little boy to play for a few hours with his buddy. But they're also the perfect weekend for him to lie on the couch watching DVDs after a tummy bug cut short his visit to Te Papa with his buddy. He was so, so brave with each bout of sickness. What a trooper. And bounced back enough on Sunday to completely polish off his roast dinner.

Rainy, cold weekends are perfect for finding 101 uses for a box.

It's a bed.

It's a boat.

It's a plane.

It's a garage.

And what better use for the box the dishwasher came in than to turn it into an icecream van?  

Don't ask for chocolate though, apparently it's all sold out. 

By day, an icecream shop. By night, a cosy cave.

One which invites little boys to curl up inside with their favourite blankets and toys, calling out 'night night'.

These weekends are perfect for having friends over for afternoon tea. Cups of tea, apple dorset cake and Girl Guide biscuits all round.

And for taking an hour out to rest when feeling an itchy eye starting to develop (still a bit petrified of a repeat performance of the viral conjunctivitis which took me out a few months back). Thankfully today, still just itchy eyes developing into a more of a woolly head cold. But that I think I can live with. Compared to the other!

In its own way, despite bouts of sickness, rain and cold it was actually the perfect weekend.

Taking it easy never felt so good or so right.


Dee said...

i am so encouraged by your 'carpet confetti' in the background.
bless you!! xo

Catching the Magic said...

Awww, gorgeous photographs Meghan and glad you had a good tuck up weekend and hope you feel better soon. Good 'ole boxes and imagination - unbeatable :) x

jacksta said...

I want summer back! But I like how you have captured your rainy weekend :)


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