27 May 2011

Things I'm Loving 27.5.11

♥ Superhaka 
Last Thursday Super Shuttle organised a simultaneous Super Haka in support of the Christchurch earthquake. This is what they said about the event:

Super Shuttle is a 100% New Zealand company that have witnessed first-hand the devastation and turmoil the earthquake had on our Christchurch team and their community. Like many people we wanted to do something significant to express our support for Cantabrians and let them know they are not alone in their time of need.

Check out this dude who was snapped in a haka pose standing by his Super Shuttle van outside Hamilton Airport doing his bit to support the day. He look at all familiar to you?!

Good work Poppa!

♥ Photography gone wrong 
K...so you might only appreciate this if you are a pro photographer or a wannabe like me, but I thought this was kinda clever!

Shared by Dee over at Books and Bits and Pieces.

♥ The Finished Product 
Well that was $10 well spent! I picked up my Enchanted Wood blog post turned photobook today and I just LOVE how it turned out. Can't wait for the next Snapfish special to roll around so I have an excuse to find and commit another special memory to paper.

♥ Flip-Top Gloves 
How KEE-UTE are these?! I went into Equip looking for a cheap set of beads to replace a set that Mylo pulled apart but walked out with these as well. Oh and just quietly, a pair of sunglasses to replace the ones that fell off my head and smashed a couple of weeks ago might have also snuck into the shopping bag as well.

I figured that it'd be great to have something fingerless to keep my hands warm whilst iPhone surfing and snapping photos in the middle of winter since my fingers nearly lost all feeling snapping away on the camera shutter during our excursion to Days Bay last weekend - and it wasn't even THAT cold! And then when my little fingies have done their job, they can get cozy inside their little teddy bear mitten tops!

♥ The Great Wellywood Debate 
*inserts sarcasm here*
So I'm not really loving this. But I can't help but blog about this because it's been such a hot topic of debate this week. If I'm honest, I actually sway on the side of supporting the sign just because I think it's a bit of fun poking at ourselves, and a little tongue in cheek. But I don't really care that much. Have it, don't have it. Who cares?! But lordy, to hear it told anyone would think it's a matter of national security. I got so peeved I had to post this status on Facebook the other day...
OK so...my 2 cents worth! If people out there cared as much about making a difference in another's life as they do about arguing over a few planks of a wood on a hill, I think most of the problems in this country would have been solved already. 

Enough said!

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Leonie said...

your photo book is just gorgeous Meghan!!!
Love reading your things Im loving post!

PaisleyJade said...

That camera clip is so funny! Loving Poppa and his haka pose and your photo book looks fab!

Anonymous said...

ok....lol....that vidoe totally cracked me up!!!
so good
your book is enchanting!

good stuff
good stuff

love and light

Nikki said...

Love it!!
The gloves are super cute! I saw a really awesome hat in Mr Thank You on the corner of Manners and Victoria St, it's kinda like those gloves. It is on the verge of being uber lame but still kinda cool!
Love the photography video!
And I signed up to that save the children site :) xx

Anonymous said...

Those. Gloves. Are. Insane.
In a really, really good way.

Anonymous said...

Love the poppa pose! lol!
Oh my word, that book looks so sweet! And $10! Bargain!
Love your loves Megs...

Renee said...

Love love love that book! What a treasure! Bet the kids think it's awesome they feature in a real book! Great vid! And super cute gloves for super cold days.

Simoney said...

Love that PhotoBook - and those GLOVES!

Dee said...

Yay!!! Loving your photo book!

Sammy said...

LOVE this post! Your poppa made me giggle and the photography clip made me laugh so hard!
The photobook is lovely and the gloves super cute.
♥ the save the children campaign.
Hmmm...you get my "post of the day" award!!!!

Widge said...

wow that photo book is awesome AND only $10!?! wow

sorry but I'm on team "no sign" haha ;P but I don't really care either...

I love someones comment on t.v the other night to put an "aukward" sign in aucks though hahaha

Mika said...

so excited that you now have that fab book as a keepsake!! wow! look amazing!


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