19 October 2011

Book Review: Press Here

I seem to be in the zone for finding great children's books at the moment, so I'm just gonna roll with it if I may.

This lovely book first caught my eye when it was reviewed over at Juggling Motherhood a couple of months ago. When I walked past our mini library at work today, I stopped in my tracks when I saw the cover as I thought I recognised it, and sure enough it was THE book.

Once I picked it up, I was hooked. I mean come on, a book that asks you actually interact and do stuff on each page? How could that not be the epitome of fun?!

Here's the official book trailer on YouTube.

So imagine me as I stood in our little kitchenette at work today waiting for my lunch to heat up while pressing pages, shaking the book, tilting the book, blowing on the book and giggling away to myself. I'm sure my workmates must have thought I was nuts (or more than usual at least!)

This book would appeal to preschoolers who know their colours right through to crazy mamas who love both the simplistic beauty and fun of it all.

I found it on Amazon for NZD $12.67 (not including shipping), Mighty Ape for $23 (not including shipping) or Book Depository for $19.30 (including shipping) and I've already decided I'm going to give it to a special little 3-year old whose birthday it is next week on the other side of the world - God Bless the power and ease of Internet ordering!

Happy pressing, people.


jacksta said...

what an awesome book! Ill be looking out for it!

Mika said...

Yay! It's a great book isn't it ;)
One that will be enjoyed by kids (and adults), over and ove again.

(be prepared for your little ones to re-read it, again and again and again...hehehe)

Penny said...

so sweet, always on the look out for books!

Jules said...

That's the coolest book ever! Might have to get one for my neice for Christmas.

Thanks for the review :o)

remaliah said...

What a fun looking book! I LOVE children's books, so I'll definitely stick that one on the list. Thanks for your recommendations! :)


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