28 October 2011

Things I'm Loving 28.10.11

In the small pockets of spare time we've had in between watching an oval ball flying round a paddock non-stop these past six weeks, we've been enjoying going back to the early seasons of Spooks. Totally cool, MI-5 spy show with great characters, and gripping storylines. And they're not afraid to kill off good characters to keep the suspense and intrigue going...boohoo....but I gotta say it makes for very good watching!

And..oh did I mention the guys on the show are kinda easy on the eye too *wink*

Tempted by Temt
I'm sure I've mentioned before how much I love love love this shop. Actually I try not to go in too often, since it's not often I'll walk out again empty-handed. But when this cutie is only $15

and this lovely number was pretty reasonable too

really, I ask you, how is a girl expected to say no?!

The boys are back in town
On Wednesday I was just one of the 100,000 battling a drizzly and dreary Wellington day to celebrate our boys, our team, and that elusive Cup that has been 24 long years in the making.

And you know what I suddenly realised apart from of course...It's big and it's gold.

It's all ours for the next four years. Yeeeeeeeeee blimin haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Droids pic
You know you've turned into a Star Wars Mama when pics like these really tickle your fancy!

Labours of love
In between bouts of gale force winds and rain, we made our annual Labour weekend pilgrimage to the plant centre for our summer plant booty. Butter crunch lettuce, perpetual spinach, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, and courgette seedlings are all happily ensconced in their new home. This year, we're also trying to grow radishes and baby beets from seed. We haven't had great success growing anything from seed, so we shall see if they decide to sprout.

I'm also glad I spent the time and effort to stake the peas and tomato plants properly, I'm just hoping it was enough to survive the current battering wind we've been experiencing these past few days!

I can't wait to taste the first fruits (or should that be veges) of our labour. Grow well little garden!

The Help
Thanks to the loan of a friend, I finally got my hands on a copy of this book. And after hearing how much some of you have loved this book (Ange, PJ, Stacey), I  cannot. wait. to. read it.

Head on over to PJ's for more great Loving there!


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