21 October 2011

Things I'm Loving 21.10.11

Star Wars Spellings 
I just love how Noah is willing to 'give' it a go. These are his favourite Star Wars characters with their light sabers in order: Quo-Jin (Qio Jn), Obi Wan Kenobi (Ob One Cnobe), Darth Vader (Dapada), Darth Maul (Dapmol) and Luke Skywalker (Looc Sciwocka).

I hope you never lose that 'give it a go' attitude when it comes to learning my love!

Nellie the Elephant
Mylo quite likes to get a laugh out of us at dinnertime..I rather think it's because he's trying anything to distract us from eating his dinner (we're going through a bit of a 'I not like it' which is then followed by said mouthful coming straight back out again phase). I must say it is rather hard to maintain a straight and disciplined face when met with this 'Nellie the Elephant' look.

Boys will be boys
When even the big boy of the house can manage to turn any kind of implement into an imaginary gun...what hope do I have but to go along with the boys and their games?!

There's just something about fountains
I love seeing fountains in all their splendour, there is something romantic, exhilarating, and renewing about that constant surge of water reaching for the sky. I could watch them all day.

In fact, one of my favorite movie endings is in Oceans Eleven when they're all standing watching the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas accompanied by that beautiful classical piece Clair de Lune. You know the one?

Barely contained excitement
I just love the look of glee on Noah's face and those little clenched fists of excitement after making a particularly big splash in the river.

To be fair, it's hard to decide which one I like more between that one or the one below which looks like Mylo has somehow popped up out of nowhere and superimposed himself into the picture

Big Air
Watching the kite surfers at East End beach the other week made me long for the adrenalin highs which must come with that feeling of the air lifting you effortlessly above the water. It must be as close as you can get to flying without actually having to get on a plane. There's only two minor details stopping me from living this dream...the fact that I am a useless swimmer and the fact that I have next to no upper body strength (as I found out after that child-swinging session last week). But a girl can surely dream right?!

Kevin from UP
Doesn't this Lady Amherst's pheasant we spotted at Brooklands Zoo totally remind you of the bird Kevin from UP?

Quintessential Kiwi
To me, there is nothing more Kiwi than a picture of toe toe blowing in the breeze, and I loved capturing these young shoots doing just that.

What things are you loving in your part of the world this week?



jacksta said...

so many great pix.
Guess what I ordered from the book depository? Press here...and ....Heaven is for real. Cant wait to read them

Miriam said...

I am so with you on foutnains and I love those ocean's movies they are cool. and that light saber pciture?? AWESOME

Amy said...

So many great piccies, I can't pick my favourite!

I have to giggle at Nellie the Elephant! So cute

I love Clair de Lune too

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Your boys are just too cute. Too cute, I tell you!!
I love fountains too - there's something quite soothing about their endlessness.
Great Star Wars picture and spelling attempts.

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Beautiful xxx

Ms. Kate said...

I actually LOL'd at 'star wars spelings'

Sammy said...

What amazing photos! I love the glimpse into your world!

PaisleyJade said...

Beautiuful photos - and my guy is just like yours... everything becomes a gun!

Brigitte said...

Dapada = AWESOME!! Those spellings are too cute!
Love the toe toe picture - made me long for The Land Of The Long White Cloud *sigh* :) x


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