23 October 2011

through the looking glass

Friday 3pm. Outside its an unseasonably still and hazy October day.

But outside is not our destination today.

Instead we go in through the looking glass, into a whole other world.

A world that promises to be larger than life, but stranger than strange. Where our names are now backwards, and Nahgem, Haon, Olym and Yramesor stand outside, looking at two doors. Do we go through the blue door, or the yellow door?

We choose yellow.

It's an assault on the senses in a good way. Instead of one of us, there's hundreds of us to be seen disappearing off into never-never land.

We linger and look, exclaiming and turning in circles this way and that.

Emerging into a world where we are big and the world is small. We crawl into a space made for a Mad Hatters Tea Party and merrily take time for tea.

Full of some imaginary cha, we spy a just-abandoned game of flamingo croquet and decide to try our luck.

Before celebrating our 'unbirthdays' in this Curious Wonderland decorating and eating a delightful chocolate cupcake each.

The sight of a huge Cheshire cat grinning at us from above proves the motivation to make our own crazy looking masks and suddenly we feel as if we fit right into this crazy world.

And adorned in our masquerades, we depart once more through the yellow door.

Back to that other world. Leaving behind a topsy-turvy, larger-than-life experience.

Returning to the world more known, but still, a paler shade.

Thanks to A Curious Wonderland at Capital E  for the fantastic fun.


jacksta said...

that looks super fun!
We watched the Alice in wonderland vid so many times when were kids! I dont even think the kids have seen it yet.

Catching the Magic said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad you got the opportunity to enjoy with your boys. Capital E really is great hey. I loved the mirrors. Hope you're having a lovely long weekend x

Cat said...

you write beautifully Meghan...
truly a magical time

love and light


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