31 October 2011

Have wheels, will travel

The training wheels are off!

Even though we could probably count on one hand the number of times we've had Noah's pedal bike out since its inaugural outing as a Christmas present (two slack parents and a hilly neighbourhood our excuses!), the last time probably being here on the waterfront where we didn't even attempt to take the wheels off, and the time before that here at Karori Park where he wibbled and wobbled and wasn't too happy about being buffeted around in the Wellington wind whilst trying to gain his balance without the wheels on, and so gave up pretty quickly.

Like always, you wish the best for your child learning a new skill, but quickly come to realise you can only encourage them so much without becoming too aggressive and pushy and putting them off trying altogether

But like most new experiences with Noah, it was just a matter of time and confidence.

So today the wheels came off and it was as if he'd been riding forever.

How about that!

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