21 November 2011

How To: Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe

When you're contemplating what to give the lovely people in your life for Christmas, giving 'homemade' always has such a nice ring about it. But if you're like me, and you always a bit challenged in the craft genes, it has to be super easy and reasonably quick to do.

I found two recipes which I used bits of, one via Pinterest a recipe over at Maybe Matilda and one over at my favourite blogger Kelle from Enjoying the Small Things. So here's my take!

Homemade Sweet Orange Sugar Scrub

Sugar Scrub Ingredients:
Plain white sugar
Oil (I recommend a very light oil such as sweet almond oil, avocado oil etc found in any health shop)
Essential oil (any one or more scents will do, I used Sweet Orange)
Food colouring (optional)

Jar ingredients:
Small jar (I found mine - bead storage jars at Spotlight for $2 each)
Christmassy fabric (I bought 2 different Fat 1/4's)
Mod Podge (my new best friend)

Decorating the jar

Take your jar and draw a wide circle around it, large enough so that when you turn the fabric inside the lid there will be enough of a turnover

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

Make slits at regular intervals all the way round

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

Take your Mod Podge (this is my favourite part!) and a small brush and paint the top of the lid. Fix the lid upside down in the centre of the cut fabric.

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

Paint Mod Podge all round the outside rim and inside rim and fix down each portion of slitted fabric onto the lid. Continue all the way round until the whole lid is fixed down. 

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

With your finger, smooth away all excess Mod Podge as you go which will help the slits on the sides of the lid sit nicely.

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

Now go over the whole fabric again with the Mod Podge, smoothing away excess as you go.

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

Once this dries you will have a lovely hard and glossy finish on the lid.
Create a label and Mod Podge the label onto the jar. 

Making the scrub
Take the jar or jars you want to fill and measure out the equivalent amount of sugar into them that you will want in the finished jar. I made five jars at a time.

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

Gradually add sufficient oil (try adding 1/2 cup to start, then 1/4 cup at a time after that) to make the mixture go all fluffy and then test the consistency by rubbing some on your hand. You want it to make your hand feel smooth after washing off, but not still all oily. I learnt the hard way by following a 1:1 ratio and using olive oil for my first batch, and not only was it way too much oil, the olive oil is too heavy an oil to use as it just sinks to the bottom of the container.

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

Once you are happy with the consistency, add enough drops of essential oil to give the mixture a really nice scent. I think I added about 30 drops of Sweet Orange for my large batch.

If you want to make the mixture look a little like the scent, add a couple of drops of food colouring - I added a couple of red and yellow to give a soft orange colour.

Pack into your prepared jars. Keep mixing the mixture as you go to prevent the oil from settling at the bottom.

Seal all the containers, and then open a couple of hours later just to check that they all still smell as good as you remember..

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

And you may even find you contemplate keeping one for yourself they smell so lush!

homemade sweet orange sugar scrub recipe

Apologies in advance to any of the 'lovely people' who read this blog if one of these winds up under your Christmas tree and I've now somewhat ruined the surprise for you!


remaliah said...

These are cool!! And I have all the ingredients, which is perfect!! just have to track down some Mod Podge...hope I can find that somewhere here :) Have a great week over there! xx

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

These sound good enough to eat! Great idea, and I love the fabric covered lids x

jacksta said...

haha...I was just thinking some of your recipients maybe reading this! At least they will appreciate all the time and effort into it :)

Cat said...

a lovely gift idea M

love and light

Leonie said...

oh thats such a cool idea Meghan!!! I love the lids wrapped in fabric.. having been thinking about giving that a try....
how have I missed so many of your posts??

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

I've been looking for easy (and cheap) DIY gifts for Christmas, so I might have to try this! Your decorated jars are so cute, too!


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