17 September 2012

MNM's Make: Instant Snow

We made snow. This stuff rocks. It's called Insta Snow powder, and just a tiny scoop will make a whole bowl full of delightful snow to play in. This kept the kids entertained for ages. It feels like the softest fluffiest snow powder a snowboarder could ever dream of.

It looks like you can get it in NZ from here, or there's always Amazon here, or the original source Steve Spangler Science here.

Following on from all the cool stuff Nikki sent us to play with like the water beads last week, I wasn't sure the fun factor could be topped. But the snow is definitely up there in on my coolness rating!

Have you ever played with fake snow?!


jacksta said...

very cool.
I thought your post was going to scroll down..and you would say..."or you could just leave a tissue in the washing pile" ;)

Unknown said...

You can make snow really easily too! http://blog.mummybrain.com/2011/12/tutorial-how-to-make-snow.html


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