31 January 2013

It has a name...

Apologies, but I'm feeling the need to interrupt this week's programming (i.e. all the travelling tales) with an update. The results are back, and the specialist is 95% sure that I have Crohn's disease based on the symptoms I've had, biopsies taken, the presence of granulomas in the cells (whatever that means!) and the inflammatory markers in the stool sample I also did just before the colonosocopy.

Surprisingly, I feel totally at peace with the diagnosis. Right now, it just feels so great to actually HAVE a diagnosis.

So, where to from here?

Well, the specialist wants me to take a course of Pentasa (a specific anti-inflammatory drug that is used to treat inflammatory bowel disease) for the next 2 months and then go back to see him at the end of March to see how things are going.

The specialist was in himself very positive and even took the time to mention that Steve Redgrave (the 5 time gold medal winning British Olympic rower) has inflammatory bowel disease and look what he managed to achieve.

It was a good conversation, and I got to ask lots of questions, about diet (which doesn't need to be restrictive although I have a fair idea of the things which tend to make me feel worse anyway), and out whether it will definitely get more severe over time (which it won't necessarily, and it is possible it may go away altogether).

I thought about it a bit over the course of the afternoon after the phone call, and wondered why I didn't feel more gutted or concerned given that I know there are people who have Crohn's who have had a pretty miserable time of it and who continue to do so on an ongoing basis. But I also realise there are so many points on the spectrum with any specific condition or disease and I feel pretty far down the lower end of the spectrum right now.

And besides that, there are these things I know that I know that I know. My God is a great and powerful God, he has my back. He is also a God who heals if that is what is his will. And if it is not, I think of Paul who spoke in the Bible about having 'a thorn in his side' or a handicap and begged for it to be taken away. Instead the Lord said to him "my grace is enough, it's all you need. My strength comes into its own in your weakness". And Paul chose his response "now I take my limitations in stride and with good cheer, these limitations that cut me down to size. I just let Christ take over. And so the weaker I get, the stronger I become".

Every difficult situation that comes our way brings with it a gift. That gift is the choice of how we will respond. We can either let it take us down, drowning in the misery of 'woe is me' or we can choose to let our light shine in spite of the circumstances. I still believe my body is an incredible gift from God, flawed though it may be. Let's face it, we are all flawed in different ways, some just more obviously than others. But one day I know I will be with Him in a perfect, healthy body for all eternity. Any troubles I may face in this life, are not even the blink of an eye compared to what is to come.

Thank you God for this precious gift of life held in this unique body. I am fearfully and wonderfully made.


Miriam said...

beautiful, uplfting, inspiring. xxx

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

I'm so relieved for you now that you know what it is...time to move forward and concentrate on feeling well again, with all the strength and positivity in this post xxx

TR said...

Hey, i'm new to your blog. :)
Just wanted to say I love your positivity and outlook on this situation. wishing you the best of luck.
someone very close to me has Crohn's and everything has been going very well for him! :)

jacksta said...

Loving your perspective on this. Very inspiring. Its cool how in our tough time we can lean in to our Papa and know that everything will be okay.

Simoney said...

Wow, Megahn.
That's pretty big aye?
Our senior pastor was diagnosed with Crohns nine years ago. At first he was in hospital and really ill, but miraculously he has been symptom free since that early diagnosis.
It's a literal miracle.
He travels all over the world and leads a large church and has a family as well. Crohns has not slowed him down because God is in the picture.
Hope that encourages you too, my dear friend!!

Curious Runner said...

Hi Meghan,
It was so lovely meeting you last weekend, and glad to hear you enjoyed your time up north. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but I love your strength, your positivity, and the way that you claim God's promises through this all. Anyway, God might just have a miracle for you yet :) Be blessed! xx

Leonie said...

Oh I am so pleased they have given you some answers. Seriously, I get the relief of having a diagnosis.
You don't want the disease (who does) but knowing that it has a name and your options makes life a lot easier.

boysmum2 said...

I am so glad you got an answer, one you can find out about and be able to live life around. Take your time, get it right, learn what makes it worse and then live a great life. All the best

Gail said...

Meghan, how amazing and inspiring your perspective is. I pray that you will continue to walk in His peace, strength and wisdom as you work out what is and what is not gonna work for you - and that as a result you will feel fabulous for it. xx

Widge said...

I love that last paragraph you wrote. So perspective changing.
Glad you got some answers. Praying for you friend.


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