19 February 2013

MNM's Make: Alphabet Memory Matching Game

Creativity is something that I find I am always in search of these days. Especially when it comes to simple ways to be creative with the kids. But I'm not one for coming up with lots of original ideas so that's one of the reasons why I love blogging and Pinterest because there are many great ideas to emulate or even adapt for our own use. And paper craft is probably one of my favourite, easiest ways to craft!

When I saw Faery Sarah's pin on Pinterest, it reminded me I hadn't been to visit Mr Printables for a while. Last year we'd made a very cool Paper World which the kids enjoyed putting their animals on for lots of imaginery play.

paper toys my paper world

I'd also read about a cool alphabet matching game on Play Create Explore, so I decided to combine an alphabet set from Mr Printables into into a fun matching game that helps Mister 3 to recognise some more alpahabet letters.

Here's what we did:

Alphabet letters (make your own or use Mr Printables here)
Patterned cardstock (I just used some from my stash)

1. Glue the same upper and lower case letter onto the same piece of cardstock.
2. Cut out each letter.

To play the game:
1. Turn all the pieces upside down (patterned side up).
2. Take turns finding the matching patterns and turning each one over and reading out what letters are on the card.
3. Put the letters you've found in order of the alphabet (we found it helped to sing the alphabet song to put them in order).
4. Repeat until all the letters have been found and are in order.

We also printed out these flash cards onto card stock and have been reading through them from time to time saying 'T is for ....(and letting Mylo say)turtle' 'G is for.....goose' etc.

free printable alphabet flash cards

Two simple and easy ways to promote letter recognition!

Linking up with Miriam's Becoming the Mama I Want to Be series here.

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Miriam said...

awesome. I need to do more of this! Do link in to BMWB too if you want to :o)

Unknown said...

Thanks heaps I need to start doing such things - great ideas.

Sima J said...

Cool! I should do this for my middle one! I remember seeing somewhere where they took photos of items they know - one for each letter of the alphabet e.g. their favourite teddy could be the 'T' - just makes it more personalised (and more time consuming unfortunately! haha)


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