08 April 2013

And the wheelie bag goes to....

Comment number 16.....which was Sarah from Catching the Magic!

One of our Wheelie Bag friends waiting here is just itching to come home to you Sarah! Here are all the Wheelie Bag design options so email me and let me know which one looks the most lonely and in need of your love and attention!

Wheelie BagWheelie BagWheelie Bag
Wheelie BagWheelie Bag

Knowing that Sarah and her family have a big adventure ahead of them when they relocate to Santa Barbara, California in a couple of months' time, their new Wheelie Bag friend is sure to lead an exciting life!

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Leonie said...

Yay congrats Sarah! it was a fab review Meghan!

Catching the Magic said...

Thank you so, so much Meghan! I adore them all - but my gut instinct is to go for either the russian doll or the stars.... and in the end - I'm going for the stars - to remind me of the stars on the NZ flag, linking to the stars on the US flag (and also reminding me of the many years I've spent gazing up at the southern cross in the sky over New Zealand). Thank you darling xxx


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