21 May 2013

MNM's Make: Water Wheel

I love finding quick and easy experiments I can do with the kids. I saw this one on a blog, Making Boys Men and knew it would be just the right combination of quick to make, with materials I could find around the house, and just the right amount of messy play for the kids to love it.

2 paper plates
6-7 plastic cups
1 x wooden skewer
Sellotape (or other tape)

1. Start by taping your plates back to back. Ideally try and use thick cardboard plates rather than flimsy paper ones.

2. Push the wooden skewer through the middle of the plates. You may need to cut a tiny hole first if your skewer isn't very sharp.

3. Tape your cups on at regular intervals.

4. Jump in the bath or outdoors to test it out.

Here's ours in action!

For more fun kids crafts, go here.

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Leonie said...

Looks pretty cool fun!

Bron said...

That does look like fun...i am all for activities that use simple materials. xx


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