30 July 2013

Changes afoot

There's a little bit of a re-brand going on in this here space.

Exploring Beauty with MNM's is becoming.....

the adventures of MNMs

Check out the brand new whizz-bang flashy animated header here. You'll have to be on the full web-enabled version of the site to see it though!

And with any luck there will be a custom domain name once it's completed the registration process too - www.mnmsadventures.com - so watch this space!


Miriam said...

exciting!! I'm on the computer but I can't see the header?? xx

Simoney said...

Awesome Meghan! I love it!
So fresh and cool and quirky!
Very clever, very *you*

Clare Hubbard said...

Way to go, Meghan! It's so you :)

Leonie said...

ooooo exciting!

Sammy said...

Oooo! (as I see my friend Leonie has already said, we have the same way of expressing ourselves!) Looks amazing Megs xx


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