26 July 2013

Things I'm Loving 26.7.13

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Printed pins
I caved and got me a pair of "wallpaper pants" as a friend aptly described them. Love the design on these ones and they are comfy to wear too - always a bonus!

Driving with Pat
This little guy was stoked to get in the front seat with his good mate Pat - can't you tell?!

Love it or hate it
The verdict seems to be a bit mixed on the new L&P Whittakers white chocolate. Me, personally I love it. I love lemon in anything, I love white chocolate and I love popping candy. Win, win in my books - though I know it's probably not for everyone's palate!

Mornings like these
I never tire of the beautiful sunrises we get from our place - lucky for me I had a later start at work this particular morning as I had a specialist appointment (checking up on my Crohns) to go to as I would usually have already been at work before the sun even rose!

And things on that front seem reasonably settled at the moment which is great, so I've been allowed to reduce my daily dosage of Pentasa (anti-inflammatory specifically for bowel disease) back to 4 tablets instead of 8 a day. Will see how that goes for the next 6 months anyway.

We have some of the Glee soundtracks and while I don't really like the lyrics to either Gold Digger (originally a Kanye West song) and Bust A Move (originally by Young MC), the melodies are very catchy and good for creating homie backseat dance move opportunities.

The countdown is on
I just checked and it's only 10 weeks till our big month long UK trip - which is feeling exciting and nerve wracking in equal instalments right now! We still have a few things to do to get our final itinerary sorted and then the job of what we'll actually take starts in earnest. We bought new luggage (backpack on wheels type ones) in the Kathmandu sale a few weeks back so we're hoping we can maybe get away with just the 2 big packs between four of us on the way over. Time will tell. No doubt we're bound to have a few more updates on the pre-trip plans as the weeks go by!

It's a girl
Did I confuse you? You're all saying but the royal baby was a boy or didn't you know? Well we have our own right royal announcement in our family because my brother and his wife (in Melbourne) have told us they are expecting a baby girl at the end of November.

And there is a great excitement in our family as it'll be the first girl in this generation. My boys only have one cousin on the other side of the family who is a boy (and is 10 years old ) so any new addition to our small extended family is met with great excitement around these parts! Yay for being able to go and buy some cutie pie pink stuff - squee!

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Miriam said...

a month away - exciting!! Love that little postie too - so cute!

remaliah said...

So exciting about your big trip!!! And the little girl to join the family. We're the opposite in our family...we'll be bringing the first boy into this generation that already has 7 girls!

Leonie said...

Haha - our families are the opposite - all girls and finally last year a boy! What a great week x

Bron said...

What brave and gorgeous pins you have....how exciting that your trip is so close and that you r health is so good. Have a great week. xx

Nikki said...

The boys are so choice! Can't wait to hang out this weekend! x

Unknown said...

Joining in a little late as I forgot to link up!

So exciting the will be a girl in the family. My mum and dad have 7 grandsons and so everyone is waiting to see if our little one will be boy or girl!


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