29 July 2013

Five at 0500...

Just stopping in to share some random thoughts that are top of mind right now...

- I finally bought a tripod - I'd been wanting one for ages. I gave it a test drive the other night when the moon was out, and even managed to get some stars in one shot. The shots would have been loads better had I not been taking them through the bedroom window, but I was being lazy as it was late and cold! The next thing I'd like to try is getting photos of people moving in the city and car lights moving in the dark. Not entirely sure WHEN I'm going to find the time to do it but that's the plan!

 - We don't do funny dances at our hourse - we do 'dunny fances'. The kids get out of the bath, dry themselves and dance around naked in the hallway backwards and forwards in front of the bathroom door trying to get me to laugh at them while I'm still in the bath. The other night this carried on into a clothed rendition of 'lights camera action' from the Wiggles.

- Sales people ALWAYS come to our house twice. We live on a corner property in a cul-de-sac and you can almost time the countdown to the seconds heralding their arrival for the second time at the other door. It reminded me of this fact when a lovely girl trying to get sponsorship for Life Flight did it last week. It's happened with pizza delivery guys, mobile phone salesmen, and pretty much anyone coming to our house for the first time. It's kinda amusing to see their embarrassment when they realise what they've done.

- Since I had my wisdom teeth out 3 years ago (worst experience of my life by the way - way way worse than childbirth!), my back molars have spread out more to fill up the extra space. Now I get bits of food royally stuck in between two teeth on the left hand side every damn day. The floss retailers are doing very well out of me. I have a pack of floss at work AND at home because you can guarantee I'll need to use it multiple times a day.

- For the life of me I couldn't actually think of a number five......

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