08 July 2013

How To Host an Olympic Party {Ideas for Kids Themed Party}

I've been somewhat distracted from writing blog posts of late - feeling inspired instead by the waves of creativity that have come from planning a certain Olympic party for a few week's time.

Here's my take on How to Create an Olympic Party so far:

Homemade flag bunting to be strung up at the party

Flags to be given out with the invitations so the kids know which team they are in
We decided to go with 2 teams - the host of the last Olympics and the host of the next Olympics

Special Olympic-ade drinks (a pack of 24 drinks that we've re-branded)
Olympic plates (normal paper plates with added Olympic inspiration) 

Olympic torches for the main table

Homemade mini flags to poke into some club sandwiches

Olympic-ring colour coordinated lolly jars for the table

We have a whole bunch of fun games planned for the teams:

Ping-pong Pitch - you might know it as the beer game Beer Pong

Javelin Throw - aka pool noodle toss
Balloon Stomp - the kids will be able to stomp on a whole lot of balloons floating around with different points inside the balloons - 1, 2, or 5 (then add up all their points at the end)
Flags & Countries - matching the flags to the countries

Flag find - a treasure hunt for mini flags hidden around the hall (or outside if the weather permits!)
Mini-golf putt - trying to get the ball into 3 different targets
Rifle range - NERF guns with 3 different size targets for different points
Balloon relay - relay keeping balloons between their legs

I also had a go last week practicing my cupcake technique - and blimey but it took simply ages just to make a batch of 12 and ice them. So....knowing that I've got at least 35 cupcakes to make - instead of colouring every single cupcake as well as the icing, I figure that I'll make up 3 batches of 12 cupcakes the week before and freeze them and then just ice the different colours on them on the day (and they'll be in coloured cases anyway). I think it might just save my sanity!

So far so good......I know I might seem super organised as the party is still 4 weeks away, it's just that with financial year-end at work, and me being unsure of how heavy the workload will be, I wanted to get prepared what I could, when I could. If you know me well (or at all!) you'll already know if there's one thing I hate, it's a last minute rush to do anything!

To see the party in action, click here.

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Cat said...

this is AWESOME Meghan I LOVE it such an amazing boys theme too

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

If you ever get bored of doing your financial stuff, you should become a party planner! This is all amazing, Meg - your boys are extremely lucky to have such a clever mama who is happy to go to so much effort! Love the plates - too cool xx

Catching the Magic said...

Wow! Lucky boys to have such a creative, hard working, dedicated Mum! It's going to be a fabulous party! Well done you! x

jacksta said...

It going to be an epic party

Nikki said...

Looks like so much fun! Can't wait! If there's anything I can do, lemme know! X

Leonie said...

Wows! this is going to be amazing!


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