01 July 2013

Halfway there

When winter is at its deepest and darkest, it is the perfect time to create traditions to warm our hearts from the inside out till the sun's rays are warm enough again to warm us from the outside.

This mid-winter Christmas tradition of ours is four years and counting now (our previous years Midwinter Christmas Mash Up What you Don't See and Putting the Wonderful back into Winter), and I wouldn't miss it for the world. In other years we have invited others over to share a meal with us, but this year it felt right to keep it to a simple family affair.

It would have been easy just to flag it this year, what with this weekend being full to overflowing with activities already. There were friends from out of town visiting Friday night, Saturday morning brought Noah's football and swimming followed by Mylo out to a birthday party and me out babysitting Saturday night. Sunday was a slow morning with Noah then out to a birthday party at lunchtime followed by Mylo's football and then a late afternoon family round of mini golf.


some traditions are worth keeping, and making the extra effort for.

After our quick round of mini golf at Pirate Cove, we headed home to draw the curtains, and welcome the night in.

Candles accompanying our pork and sausage cassoulet.

The perfect hearty winter's meal cooked slowly over the course of the day, getting our senses ready for the taste sensation.

Crackers were popped.

Jokes were cracked.

Bellies were filled.  Laughter was shared.

Memories that will sustain us for the many cold and dark weeks ahead.

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A little bit country said...

This is such a wonderful idea! I love Christmas and everything about it. We are having a family dinner here next weekend..........you have my mind ticking away now xo

Leonie said...

So lovely and special - awesome memories to make and treasure x

boysmum2 said...

what a super little tradition, good on you


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