24 July 2013

Get creative with Wikki Stix

Have you ever played with playdough and enjoyed the creating but got fed up with the messy clean-up afterwards? Or been creating with pipe cleaners and wished they were a little more malleable and didn't get stay so kinked afterwards?

Recently I was contacted by Wikki Stix asking if I would like to do a review for them. And it was an easy decision - any craft that gives you the freedom to let your imagination go wild is good with me!

First of all, I think some of you may be asking - what the heck are Wikki Stix? So let me explain!

Wikki Stix are colourful pieces of yarn dipped in food-grade safe wax - the kind used in bubble gum and lipstick. They are non-toxic and gluten-free, making them an ideal creative activity and craft toy for children with allergies.

They are bendable and twistable, and once you have finished with one creation, you simply unbend them and you're ready to create the next one.

A pack of Wikki Stix

Our Wikki Stix arrived on the last Friday of term on a rainy, cold afternoon that just begged for indoors creativity. So we immediately got to work!

The three packs we received had 8 Wikki Stix in each and came with a template to get the creative juices going - a pelican, a dinosaur and a bird tweeting.

Wikki Stix Pelican Pack

Make a dinosaur out of Wikki Stix

We joined the dots using our Wikki Stix and Voila! a dinosaur soon appeared.

And that's when Noah got really excited at the possibilities. The next thing I knew he'd created a rose for his mum - aww sweet!

A free-hand rose made with Wikki Stix

Then he disappeared and came back with a piece of paper and created a cool face.

How to make a face with Wikki Stix

We followed the instructions on the back of the Wikki Stix templates and created our very own people.

How to make a person with Wikki Stix

A request for to 'make our names' followed soon after.

Making letters from Wikki Stix

Getting creative with Wikki Stix

Noah was most impressed at the Wikki Stix ability to stand on their own and  decided to create his very own 3-D structure out of them.

There are so many possibilities for creating with Wikki Stix. Our versions were fairly rudimentary but look at some of the amazing creations others have made.

You must go and check out the site for an amazing array of products and resources to use with your Wikki Stix.

Like these alphabet and number card sets.

There are themed kits - perfect for Christmas time.


Or you might want to bring these out at your next birthday party.
The Wikki Stix range

I love that the possibilities are endless for imaginative play!

If you would like to purchase Wikki Stix, you can do so with a 15% discount on the website by using the special discount code MNMS2013 (in capital letters) and then clicking on Apply Code when you view your cart in the check-out.

Shipping is FREE WORLDWIDE too!

N.B. I was not paid for this review. I received a free trial pack of Wikki Stix and any views on the product are entirely my own having enjoyed making Wikki Stix creations with my kids.

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Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

These look so cool - Noah's rose is beautiful :)


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