03 July 2013

One of those days

It started with the call from Mark at 8pm on Monday night telling me he was at after hours getting his wrist checked after some guy on the opposite team had absolutely caned the ball at him and it caught him unawares, clean on the wrist.

A quick x-ray showed it was definitely broken and they put a cast on there and then. I think he hoped that might be the end of it.

He didn't get home till nearly 11pm (and I'd carried on working at home that night, unsure of what the outcome was going to be in terms of me being able to go to work the next day).

So it was late to bed for a start, Mark sleeping downstairs in the spare room downstairs to give us both the best chance of sleep.

Then at 1.30am I heard a cry from downstairs. I usually sleep pretty heavy in those first few hours (and less so as it gets closer to morning) so I dragged my groggy self down the stairs and into Mylo's room.

To find him starkers (yep, stark naked) and crying in the middle of his room. I asked him what on earth was going on and it turns out he'd fully wet the bed - everything was soaked through - sheets, duvet cover, pyjamas, undies the lot. Crazy as in nearly a year of no night-time nappies it was the first accident he's had.

Anyway after a full change of bedding and clothes it was back to bed but I only slept lightly, with the noise of this one bit of roofing iron that creaks in a north westerly annoying me intermittently and breaking into my sleep.
That was till 5.30am. When Noah appeared by the bed complaining that his fingers were still really sore. This was after slamming his knuckles in the door at school yesterday.

At that point, I gave up on sleep and just got up and out for my early morning walk.

Instead of going to straight to work this morning at 7am, it was a much longer version of leaving home at 8am and going via hospital - daycare - school - work which took about an hour.

Mark had been told to head straight to the fracture clinic to check the break. Well it turns out it wasn't just one break but three breaks. And was sufficiently nasty to require a local anesthetic, and then 2 grown men pulling on his arm for 15 minutes in either direction to try and get it all back in alignment before having another cast quickly put on.

Which he'll now have to have on for 6-8 weeks.

This poses a few logistical problems. Driving for a start (we are playing that one by ear for a few days but hoping he might be ok after that as there's no way I can start work late every day for the next six weeks!), helping out at Noah's football, a work trip to Melbourne at the end of this month, and Noah's party preparation - just to name a few of the things that immediately spring to mind.

Anyway, instead of wallowing (which would be easy to do!) I'm trying to look on the bright side, he is quite possibly the world's best patient - I am so lucky there! Case in point, despite describing his arm being re-set in place as quite possibly the worst and most uncomfortable experience ever, he was straight back to work today after being at the hospital - since he has a big proposal due in on Friday that he and his colleague are putting all their energies into. I also know this as when he broke his wrist (yes the same one!) playing cricket 10 years ago, and when he gashed his knee open and needed over 20 stitches about 6 years ago, he was an absolute legend.

See - still managing to multi-task with only one hand. iPad and remote - no problem!

So that's a day I'm glad to see the back of. And after that long night I was very grateful to see the sun rise again in the morning - and I'm pretty sure God hand-picked an absolute pearler just for me - knowing it would help give me a little bit of perspective on the events of the past 24 hours. He's good like that!

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Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

What a rough night! Hopefully you got an early night to catch up on some sleep, and that all your boys slept okay too xx

jacksta said...

argh! Sounds rough!

Leonie said...

Hope things only improve! Hang in there! x

Leonie said...

yikes, I really cringed at the pulling it back into place part... *shudder*
Hope it heals fast

Bron said...

That sunrise does go a little way to making it feel Ok...hope it all works out for you and the healing is quick. xx

boysmum2 said...

here is hoping July gets better for you soon

Sophie said...

wow, what a ride! And what a beautiful sunset to remind you of God's tenderness through it all.


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