14 July 2010

Curious Questions

You know your 3-year old must be close to turning 4 when you have the following conversation in the car on the way home:

Me: Hey Noah, can you remember what we're having for dinner tonight?
Noah: Nope
Me: It starts with S.....
Noah: Satay Meatballs!
Me: Yep. That's really good remembering Noah. (We'd talked about it this morning).
Noah: Where do meatballs come from?
Me: Well they're made from mince, and onion and breadcrumbs, and Daddy mushes them up into little balls and fries them.
Noah: No, I mean what do they come from?!
Me: They're usually made from mince which is beef...
Noah: No I mean what animal do they come from?
Me: (thinking...that's a really good question!) Well they're made from beef which comes from cows. Although Daddy said we were having pork mince tonight, so that comes from pigs. And lamb comes from sheep. Butter and cheese also comes from cows.
Noah: And milk comes from cows...
Me: Yes. And milk.
Noah: How do you make butter?
Me: (thinking..crikey that's another good question!)..well it's made from churning (how to explain that one!) milk around and around until it turns into butter. And actually I don't really know how you make cheese. But I think we should look it up on the Internet to find out more when we get home cos I'd really like to know.
Noah: Me too.

The boy is growing up!


Daddio said...

actually butter is made from CREAM not milk!!

Poppa said...

And WOWZERS he certainly is growing up fast - what an active mind he has. Well done Noah!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Oh yes. Well you can tell I definitely didn't grown up on a farm aye Dad!

Catching the Magic said...

Very cute!

And... Google Search is my best friend!



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