21 July 2010

Reveal Your Glory

Somewhat of a paradigm shift from the last post to this one. Thank you for all the wonderful support (blog comments/direct emails) I received as a result of opening my heart up about where I was at with the whole 'working parent' thing. There was so much wisdom in your words and encouragement, thank you.

At life group tonight, I had a word shared in prayer that said 'God wants to reveal his glory to you'. On the way home, I saw the most amazing shooting star fall from the sky in front of my windscreen. Coincidence? I think not. Didn't you know God works like that!

God's glory can be seen in..the wonder all around us. The mysteries of the universe. Of course I believe, I always have. But so often I walk around with my eyes only half-open, failing to appreciate the wonder and glory that is right in front of me. What else have I been missing? What do I take for granted?

Have you thought lately about how wondrous it is to even be able to see? Although technology is astounding in the clarity and quality of pictures we can get these days,  the human eye is still far more superior. I liken it to looking at something far away in the distrance with your own eye, and then taking a photo of it. The perspective a photo gives off far-off objects is never as clear or truly recognises the proper depth of field as well as the human eye. I'm always a little disappointed at how my photos turn out compared to how I know I've been able to see it. The real thing is always more beautiful.

I must admit I find it easiest to see and understand God's glory when I look at nature. And no more so than in the fiery sky that is uniquely painted for us each morning and evening. No two are the same. Ever. Ever. I wonder if I find it easiest to sense his glory in the sky, since it seems to me to be the interface between Heaven and Earth? A fleeting glimpse of what the fullness of his glory will look like when one day we shall really see things as they are?

These photos were all taken from our bedroom window on different mornings over the past few months...

God, let me have my eyes wide, my heart open, and my mind willing to embrace your glory as you reveal yourself to me.


Sarah said...

AMAZING! I miss seeing those sunsets and sunrises now that we don't have a view. We used to see some beauties from our old home in Brooklyn. Your words combined with these stunning pictures will send me off to sleep very peacefully this evening. Thank you and best wishes x

Daddios said...

i totally agree Meggie. i never cease to be awe-inspired by the handiwork of our amazing Creator-Father in the way he creates special "skyworks" with his artists brushes and infinite array of colours on his palate


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