24 March 2011

Stream of consciousness

It's a warm afternoon. I've just woken up from my midday nap and I've got energy to burn!

Think I'll ask Mum to take the lid off the sandpit and fill up the paddling pool.

Then I'll find as many balls as I can to throw in. Again. And again.

Hmm....I know there's more balls hiding in the house. I'll go take a look.

What's that strange noise I can hear....a motorbike starting up? Better stop and have a listen.

I wonder if balloons can float too?

What's in here? Water? Oh goody. Pretty please (I sign 'please' and say 'peez' at this point just to make sure Mum gets it) can I have some in a can just the right size for me?

I wonder what happens when you mix sand and water? Oh I see, a nice muddy puddle.

I think this is where these are supposed to go? If I try hard enough, I might just be able to figure it out

Oooh, this is nice for me teeth. It makes a rather fun, rude squeaking noise at the same time too that seems to be giving Mum the giggles...what's with that?!

I wonder if I'll win any brownie points if I make it look like I'm helping clear up some of the mess I've made.

If I recall rightly,  there's some dice in here somewhere.

Wow, this shaker makes a cool noise. Forget the game, it's totally fun just shaking these around a bit, tipping them out and putting them back in again.

Oh look, Mummy's lined up all the pigs for me. Better show off my pig noises then. Oink oink.

Man I get a lot done in an hour. I'm a machine.

As observed and interpreted by Mummy over a lovely one-on-one hour last Sunday afternoon.


Penny said...

Very cute! And all in an hour.
Like the new button, will put in on my blog soon
Hope you're well x

Dee said...

what a sweet post :)

jacksta said...

ha ha nice. It amazing what they can get up to in such a short time. No wonder they are exhausted by the end of the day.
Forgot to say...liking the cool changes to the blog...font etc.

Sarah (Catching the Magic) said...

This is adorable Meghan! Reminds me if when I first started blogging and would do just one post a week from Charlotte's viewpoint! I'd forgotten how refreshingly lovely it is to see through their eyes. You are such a lovely Mummy and this post will be one of many that will be treasured in future years. Blimey, they sure are busy creatures hey!!!

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

I love your post, but I also LOVE your new font on your blog as well!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful Meagan!! I LOVE this post! Isnt it amazing how busy little boys are?! Where do they get all the energy? Your boy is beautiful, well done mumma!!

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

He is soooooooo cute xoxoxox

About Last Weekend said...

Very very busy little people they are and its amazing hoe entertained they can be with sand and water. Great pics and great times.


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