04 March 2011

Things I'm loving 4.3.11

♥ Jaz Comes Home 
I am just SUPER excited this week knowing the lovely Jaz is home again (since yesterday). You can read all about her epic six-week journey back from brain surgery on her blog. Jaz and her lovely family found themselves travelling a completely unexpected road after the operation, and their determination, courage and honesty in being willing to share with us their journey so far has been so, so, inspiring. I've shed many tears along the way, and feel so privileged to be able to be one of their cheerleading squad, shouting encouragement from the bleachers every step of the way.

The journey isn't over yet. Far from it. But Jaz coming home marks an incredible and tangible milestone along the way. And we are all cheering you on as you continue to fight back to full health beautiful gal!

♥ Caught in the Act ♥
Apparently this is what happens when Grandad is left in charge....

Just kidding. Not really.

He had actually entertained the boys superbly (Grandma & and I were out and about in town). Whilst Mark mowed the lawns, he entertained. Whilst Mark came back inside and went out in the kitchen to cook risotto for our dinner, he entertained. It was only as Mark had finished chopping up all the veges that he noticed it had all gone quiet in the lounge.

He peeked around the corner to find the above scene, duly snapping this as photo evidence to show us when we got home.

♥ Annual Zorba Fix  
We love all things Greek. Always have. I'm sure it has something to do with having visited 3 Greek Islands in our youth, including Santorini for our honeymoon. We always make a big effort to get along to the annual Greek festival in Wellington (although we did miss last years).

We kicked off with bifteki, followed by my favourite loukomades (like a Greek donut covered with sticky honey and sesame seeds) and then souvlaki. This year we didn't have time to stay around and see any Greek dancing, but it became rather a firm favourite in our house two years ago. In fact, it was the nightly ritual to 'do the Greek dance' right before bed-time for many months after. How Noah ever went to sleep after being so wound up doing such energetic dancing I'll never know! Here's Noah and Daddy's version of Zorba the Greek.

♥ Rediscovering the South Coast 
The Wellington coastline is beautiful. Make that stunning. I sometimes forget that. Loving the fact we made an effort to get out and explore it on Sunday. Firstly to the Marine Education Centre at Island Bay, where I was A.M.A.Z.E.D. at Noah's confidence in touching all the creatures in the touch pool. Far braver than me! Open every Sunday from 10-3pm with a gold coin donation.

Followed by a  look around the newly upgraded entrance to Te Kopahou Reserve and Red Rocks.

And a quick stop-off at the weird and wonderful Carlucciland on the way home.

Oh I do love our city.

The Great Sunday Bake-Off 
Loved using the new cookie cutter we bought at Ruth Pretty's kitchen shop to bake some treats for Christchurch. Hoping they bought a smile to someone's face.

♥ Coloured Baths 
An easy and fun way to spice up bath-time. Here's the recipe:

Two little boys
A slosh of black (or any colour) food colouring
And...mix to combine!

♥ Handy Hubby 
So the new dishwasher finally arrived this week. Despite the amazing job Markie did recently waterblasting and painting the bathroom, he's the first to admit he's not really a big DIY kinda-guy. But out with the old, and in with the new. Runners removed, pipes unplugged and re-plugged, and voila! Ze dishwasher is in.

*High-fives hubby*

And the old dishwasher  is promptly selling on Trade Me, selling as is where is. Far easier than a trip to the tip!

♥ The wisdom of four-year olds 
Noah has been able to have two special days out on his own with his Grandma & Grandad these past few weeks. Last week, the three of them caught the train to Petone, and enjoyed a cafe lunch and a look around the shops. After lunch Grandad asked Noah whether he needed a wee. He did, so accompanied Grandad into the toilet.  Once in the toilet, he decided he needed a little more than a wee, so sat down accordingly.

Grandad waited........

And waited.......

And waited.....

And waited.........

Till finally asking 'Noah are you done yet?'

To which Noah replied......

Wait for it.......

'Grandad, you can't hurry a poo!'

I laughed until I cried when I heard this! Absolutely priceless.

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Jaz from Treacy Family said...

So much to love Megs.............

Especially the first bit (lol) . It feels a little odd being home. I just wish I had energy of my old self. It makes me a little sad at times. BUT.........I am sooooo very pleased that I am here, with these lovely children and husband and wonderful friends 'cheering' me on.
Keep up the blogging, I love it, even if I don't always find the energy to comment, you can count on me to read them at the very least xxxx

PaisleyJade said...

Yay for Jaz being home (so happy and excited!!). I love everything on your list... too much to mention, but I must say that pic of grandad minding the kids is classic!!!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

What a lovely set of grandparents your boys have & what wonderful boys!! Can't believe a boy had to explain that you can't hurry a poo to a man - i thought they all knew what they are doing forever in the bathroom. I had 3 girls first, then to my shock a boy who could happily sing, read, colour in (really - he'd go in prepared) on the toilet. Great shots, love Posie

Laura said...

I married a Greek
and I make a mean baklava
just sayin'

love the boys and grandpa!!!

have a beautiful weekend!

Penny said...

LOL!! that video cracked me up, your hubby looks so funny!
Always love your lists and your lovely photos. Awesome for the Welly walk, go you x

Jules said...

Love the poo story, hilarious!! You wonder where they get these things from?! Awesome photos too, makes me homesick for Wellington seeing your pics of the coast!

About Last Weekend said...

You always do the best things in Wellos, love the looks of the honey donuts thingies - yum! Also there are obviuosly some new parks in Wellos that we will have to check out when we pass through at Easter. Also lvoe your last little anecdote! Have a fab weekend!

Anonymous said...

Aaaah, this was by far my favourite post of the day, no, week! I love the wisdom of 4 year old boys, I love the idea of a coloured bath, I LOVE that gingerbread man cutter, and the gorgeous little note from your gorgeous little man.
Thanks for making me have a little chuckle!! xx


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