24 May 2011

Recipe: Homemade Crunchie Icecream

Homemade frozen goodness doesn't come much easier or tastier than this.

1 tin of condensed milk
500ml bottle of cream (whipped)
3 x normal size Crunchie bars (smashed up whilst inside their packets)
1 tsp vanilla essence

1. Whip cream
2. Gently, gently fold in vanilla essence and condensed milk, trying not to lose any volume in the mixture
3. Freeze immediately, should be frozen overnight (or 10-12 hours)

The original recipe we tried was a Mars version, but I'm a Crunchie gal through and through so this is our official version now!!


Kathleen said...

Oh, yummy!!! I'm going to have to try this one out!

Anonymous said...

I think I am going to try this, how awesome is making your own icecream????
especially since we are coming into summer in in Canada
Thanks M

love and light

jacksta said...

YUM. Sounds easy enough! Ive never tried making my own ice cream before

Elizabeth said...

YUMMY - I think even I could do that!


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