22 June 2011

Recipe: Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake

This is a crowd pleaser, to be sure.

After making Simone's Tiramisu a few weeks back, there was still a fair bit of Baileys left in the bottle. And whilst I could quite happily drink it all (although maybe not in one sitting) it's always nice to find other recipes to give it an outing.

Enter the Baileys Chocolate Cheesecake.

We got this recipe from Mark's brother years ago, and to be honest it had slipped to the back of the memory banks until now. If I didn't already count myself lucky to have a hubby who is fantastic in the kitchen, well I count myself doubly lucky to have a brother-in-law who is as good if not better!

Mind you, I'd better be careful what I say here, otherwise World War 3 could erupt over who takes the title of 'Best Chef' in the wider household, since Grandma & Grandad are pretty dab hands themselves too. Nevertheless James (Mark's bro) is a definite contender for the title. Made more extraordinary when combined with the fact this is a lad who harks from the West Country now living in Wales, teaching kids, a  rugby-lover, gadget whizz, but yet still manages to fit in 'chef extraordinaire' into his 6 foot 3 package as well. I think his lovely wife Ann-Marie will agree that makes a mean combination ;-)

Anywho...back to the cheesecake recipe thanks to James.


100g gingernut biscuits crushed
50g chopped hazelnuts
65g melted butter

225g dark chocolate
25g soft brown sugar
175g extra light cream cheese
225ml cream (whip a little until still runny but twice as thick)
50ml Baileys\

1. Mix together the biscuits, nuts and butter and press into base of a cake tin (with a removable bottom if possible). Chill in fridge.

2. Melt chocolate in a bowl over simmering water. 
3. In another bowl beat sugar and cream cheese until smooth, then fold in cream.

4. Fold in the Baileys and melted chocolate.

5. Add mixture to cake tin, level the surface and chill for 4-5 hours.

6. Remove from tin and decorate with grated chocolate.

7. And thank your lucky stars you have a great brother-in-law willing to share such yummy recipes!


jacksta said...

oh yeah this is my kinda food! Yummo! Nice touch with the ginger nuts on the base...mmmmm

PaisleyJade said...

Oh YUM!! Cheesecake is my most favourite food so I just HAVE to try this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Yum yum yum. Baileys and Cheesecake in the same sentence. It's a date ;-)

Katie said...

this sounds amazing! must try it...gonna pin it on my yummy board :-)

Dee said...

Oh my word Meghan! This really is another dangerous post. VERY dangerous.

:) xxx


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