05 June 2011

Escape or Embrace

Winter is not my favourite season if you hadn’t already guessed. I find it hard to love days where the cold seeps through to my very bones, and an annual dose of Raynaud's disease leaves my fingers turning white from loss of blood at every opportunity.

Mostly, I like to forget winter. Pretend it’s not happening. Usually I escape by dreaming of warmer days where I can turn my face to the sun, and the sun will breathe its golden lifeblood into me again instead of hiding away, a weak shadow of an orb whose watery rays will barely cast a shadow on the land in days to come.

But I have decided that this year will be different. This year, instead of wishing the chill away, I will embrace all there is to love about winter.

I will find beauty in naked trees and stormy skies.

And it starts here.


Dee said...

Stunning shots!! Stark can definitely be beautiful! Go you choosing to embracing it!

Anonymous said...


love and light

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous photos as always!


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