19 June 2011

Take a Chance

I've had the words of that Abba song floating around in my head this weekend. That is, since we thought 'blow the incessant rain' we're gonna take a chance and get out for a drive at 4pm yesterday afternoon. We went, not knowing whether we'd even be able to get out of the car during the drive.

The original plan before we left? Take Noah's bike to Karori Park for some riding practice. But as we left the house, another rain shower was in full swing, pelting against the car windows. So we drove on by the park, making the next right on the road to Makara. We knew we'd at least be going up and over since there's lots of  'ra-ra's as Mylo calls them (aka wind turbines) which come into full view as you come over the crest of the hill. Mylo was completely entranced by how many there were. All along, his little brain has been thinking that the one on Brooklyn Hill we can see from our house is the ONLY one! We counted about twenty as we pulled in for a quick photo, but  I only took one or two as the camera was getting wetter than I'd have liked, and it is a very precious wee companion I'd be lost without these days!

On we drove, winding down through the tiny hamlet of Makara and past sheep, goats, Shetland ponies and a few geese and pukekos. Despite the very narrow roads, we pulled in where it was safe enough to stop to give Mylo the opportunity to see the animals a bit better, as his little eyes are still only level with the back windows whilst sitting in his car seat.

Once back in the car, we very nearly turned around there and then. But something in me said 'keep driving'. Keep driving to the end of the road which would take us out to Makara Beach. The beach itself is not much to look at - a stony fisherman's paradise with a nice view out to the Tasman Sea on a good day, and terribly wild and windswept on others.

So we took a chance. Not expecting much. But instead....

Finding solace being bathed in the afterglow of stormy light

Seeking the rays of the sun, but finding it tantalizingly out of reach dancing to its own tune on the water

Hearing calming music in the rhythmic sound of pebbles rubbing together as the waves washed over them, brushing them to and fro

Finding invigoration in the tangy and bracing salt air that assailed us, daring ourselves to breathe in and breathe deep

The light reflecting off the swirling water as if a mermaid from the deep was shining a light from below penetrating right through to the surface

The isolation here both beautiful and forbidding all at once

Where more than here would you find a simple and fulfilling life?

A little person so embraced the fresh air that a jig fair jiggled his feet

And had him pulling out his coolest moves

Our imagination took us away, soaring high in the up-drifts and returning to swoop low again over the water

Whilst in reality on terra firma, we searched to find the magical and unique amongst the stones. Rescuing a starfish back to the water and popping inky black seaweed between little fingers.

And at the very last, finding magic in the very rocks themselves.


Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous as always!

Dee said...

So so so gorgeous!!! I am loving this serendipitous encounter with the perfect beach!! Too fun!! Wish I was there... :) That is long exposure you have used in the sea shots eh? Is that also how you got the river to look so soft in your ww photo last week? I LOVE it! Will have to try it! xx

Nikki said...

It's so magical

John Brown Rose said...

So beautiful!!!! What a cool adventure!!! Were you the only people on the beach? You totally get "that" feeling! I love your title "the very rocks cry out" - that is exactly what they are doing!


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