13 May 2012

All about my Mum: By Noah

As a bit of fun and since its Mothers Day, I thought I'd share Noah's take on his mum that we used for some extra writing homework this week.

And a very Happy Mothers Day to all you lovely ladies out there, I hope you can celebrate the great mums that you are!


Megan said...

Hi Meghan, Happy Mothers day and thank you so much for the Summer Art Work prize. Lovely to look at and be reminded about summer days! Have a great day, from Megan

Sarah said...

Gorgeous!!! Sophie has done something similar, which I'll post up later - she also said, 'My Mum's favorite food is chocolate.' Hee, hee! Hope you have a good day x

Sammy said...

That is super cute! Happy Mothers Day!

Cat said...

Happy Mother's Day M ♥

love and light


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