18 May 2012

Things I'm Loving: The NEW Linky!

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Things I'm Loving
Can I start by saying I totally LOVE Things I'm Loving. I've been an avid Things I'm Loving participant all along, so I was sad to hear that Kristy from Paisley Jade was ending her regular weekly linky since it is one of my favourite posts to write each week. For me, it's a fantastic opportunity to share the simple things that I have loved throughout the week.

So I thought, why not keep the Loving going and so I emailed Kristy to ask if I could take over hosting the linky...and she said YES! So a warm welcome to the new Things I'm Loving hosted right here at MNM's. I can't wait for you to join in each week with all your loving!

And whilst this has been a pretty challenging week on the health front, I've been determined not to let that spoil the lovely memories of time spent with family and celebrating being a mum last weekend. And the phrase above is so apt...rather than wallow in 'woe is me' with how sick I've been, it is SO true that there is ALWAYS something you can be thankful for. So here's my thankfulness for the week:

A trip to the circus
A trip to the circus is something that all kids should experience in their lifetime. I have great memories of this as a child, and I think (all the memories are hazy) this even included a trip to the big smoke in Auckland to see the Moscow circus on ice.

Although Circus Aotearoa isn't quite in the same stratosphere, it was still a great trip out for us all including Nana and Poppa who were down for the weekend.

That was apart from breaking my tooth at the start of the show, and when Mylo's bunny fell from our spot at the top of the bleachers through to the muddy ground below and we had to retrieve him, muddy face and all. Luckily, one of the circus workers tramped around the back of the tent in her big gumboots to rescue him as I'd taken two steps in my newish boots and nearly sunk to my knees in the mud!

Logos quiz app
In a word...this game is totally addictive! I discovered this app a couple of weeks ago and am pretty close to clocking the 8 levels now. The more you get right, the more hints you get. And the levels do get progressively harder, although there are some easy ones on each level. It also helps if you can play with a friend at the same time and share answers.

iPhone Screenshot 3iPhone Screenshot 4

Mothers Day handiwork
So...it's been a VERY long time since I made anything with a needle. Like probably about fifteen years. That is if you don't count the odd bit of darning buttons and holes here and there of course.

When I spotted some cute cross stitch cards in Spotlight, I thought I would try my hand at a little stitching for my mum for Mothers Day. Despite a slow start and panicking that I wouldn't get it done in time, putting in a huge effort over the weekend and several nights last week paid off and I even sewed up my last stitch a couple of days early. And as a big lover of cross stitch, I know how much my mum appreciated the once-in-fifteen-year effort!

Mothers Day card
I thought the card I got this year was hilarious. Quite possibly a little too close to the truth sometimes, but decidedly funny nonetheless.

Delicious mama's day treats
And if my funny mothers day card wasn't enough, I was also treated to a selection of the loveliest Bohemein chocolates from my boys. Yummo. Heaven in a small rectangle.

Here's how you can join in:

Link up below with your blog post telling us what you're loving, and grab the Things I'm Loving button below for your post too. Don't forget to share the love by visiting all the other lovelies who have joined in - the linky is open till same time next week!


Leonie said...

Hi meghan
Thanks for taking this over. I have been a bit slack at blogging lately so its a great motivator to join back in with the Things Im loving.

Thanks Kristy for starting it up and running it for so long.

Love the cross stitch, and the card!!
Have a lovely weekend

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Love your Hoops & YoYo card, and those chocolates....yu-um!
Cute cross stitch card, too. I go through stitching phases - it's something I find very therapeutic on winter nights.
So excited you've taken on this linky!

Simoney said...

Yay for a new home for things I'm loving.
thanks Meghan for hosting, and kristy for sharing :)

JuRita said...

thanks for keeping the linky going!! i don't join every week, but love it when i do! blessings,

Miriam said...

Those chocolates have distracted me totally.... yup all I can think of right now....Mmmmmmm

Sam said...

Hi Meghan, thanks for keeping this lovely linky going, that card cracked me up, the cross-stitch is adorable and those choccies - WOW!Have a lovely weekend:)

Anonymous said...

Your cross stitch card is lovely! And those chocolates look amazeballs!

Bron said...

Looks like your Mothers Day was very special....Thanks for taking over the fun Things I am Loving linky. x

Mika said...

Congrats on becoming the new host! It is nice to know that Kristy's brainchild will still be able to continue ;)

Notchka said...

Its funny - I don't have a flash phone, but I found myself trying to guess all those icons - so I can see how it would be totally addictive.

Yum those chocolates! Thanks for keeping I'm lovin' going.


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