23 May 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Would you stop?

If you were driving down the road and you saw the potential for a shot or two, 

would it make you stop?

What if you had already been out of the house all afternoon doing your first official family photoshoot 
and you'd already taken hundreds of photos,

 would you be bothered to stop?

What if you were already feeling a bit guilty for being away from your family for so long that day 
and you knew that dinner would almost be on the table by the time you got back, 

would you think twice and stop?

What if you knew it was biting cold outside and the strong southerly wind would almost blow you over 
the minute you got out of the car,

would you harden up and stop?

What if you were still fighting off a nasty cold and that yucky reflux that had you laid up in bed 
for the better part of the week, 

would you even be crazy enough to stop?

What if you were thinking - it's just another sunset, you've seen one, you've seen em all,

why should I care enough about this one to stop?

What if the waves were so fierce and the sea spray blowing so fast you knew it would get on your camera lens, 

would you still stop?

What if......?

 So many what ifs.....

What if I'd let any one of those myriad excuses running through my head stop me?

I'd have missed all this, that's what.

It's ALWAYS worth stopping to capture the moment. 



Catching the Magic said...

ALWAYS worth it! I've done that so many times - even with the children in the car on a blustery day. Sometimes they look at me like I'm half crazy - and then I see a glint of energy in their eyes - as they feed on my positive vibe from feeling so very alive and passionate about this amazingly, beautiful world we live.

They light you've captured so beautifully on these beach scenes is stunning - I can imagine you must have felt so zinging with life! xx

alicia said...

Awesome post. I try to as often as possible, but not sure I'm as dedicated as you with a nasty cold in the frigid temps. lol. But I'd say it was totally worth it. These are breathtaking! I've been trying to pick a fav, but just when I think I have one I see another I like more. But I'm drawn to 3, 4, and 11 in particular. Great work! Hope you feel better soon...

Mika said...

Gosh, the sky has been so beautiful lately hasn't it! I'm glad you were able to capture the beauty. I know I feel really one with nature when I take a moment to marvel at its beauty through my camera lens.

Mama J said...

Great shots. What a wonderful combination to be by mountains AND water!

Cat said...

I would have stopped....


I have even past a place and a ways down the road stopped
and turned around to go back : )

love and light

ps and it was so worth the stopping
beautiful images M
thanks for sharing them

Cropped Stories said...

Yes I'd definitely stop especially if I'd been shooting all day. It's like you are on a roll! Great pics; definitely worth the stop.

Penny said...

I would notice it, sigh and bemoan the premature death of my digital SLR and the lack of funds to replace, then drive home feeling sorry for myself :) Savings fund is slowly growing though and I look forward to being able to stop!

Susan said...

Wow...these are all just fantastic pictures. The last one is AMAZING!!

Sammy said...

That's right! Love that you overcome the "what ifs" and stopped because i get to look at those amazing pictures!!


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